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Teal # 36

2003 October 14

Florida News!

The restoration of Teal #15 (G-TEAL) is progressing well, as the photo below shows!  Teal #15 was extensively damaged in UK ten years ago, when a wind storm turned her upside down in parking.

Tom Beck in G-TEAL (s/n 15) - and engine running!
Photo: Marc D. Anstey

New owner Tom Beck shipped #15 from England to Florida, USA, in March 2003 - after buying a winter house in Crescent City for his planned retirement as an airline pilot.  Tom is also having a hangar built at his new house...

Tom's sheet metal man Marc D. Anstey recently came over from England to help Tom in the restoration.  During Marc's stay they finalised a number of jobs including the fitting of the fibre glass nose fairing and windscreen, elevator and trim tab systems and ranges of movement and sealing of the engine bearer feet areas. The aircraft is now ready to have the wings fitted to it on Tom's return later this year. This also will coincide with Tom's hangar being finished to house #15.  The plan is to have #15 ready for 'Sun'n'fun 2004'!

Tom and Marc have also become good friends with Per Aanonsen of Flagler Beach, who earlier this year completed the restoration of his Teal N1968S (#1).  They sure appreciate Per's advice and help!  Per is an expert aircraft rebuilder with more than 25 aircraft rebuilt so far.  Per has fitted new high compression cylinder to the O-320 engine on #1 and he has flown #1 off water a few times already.  Paint will be added later this winter.  When this is written, Per is off collecting another rebuilding project - a Cessna 172...


2003 September 30 G-OWET Without Engine


G-OWET 27 Sep 2003

G-OWET (s/n 037)
Andrewsfield, Essex, England 2003-09-27
Photo: John Tietjen

Our avid Teal-spotter in England, Mr. John Tietjen, reports that Teal G-OWET (s/n 037) is still parked at Andrewsfield, Essex. John kindly sent the above photo.  G-OWET has been under overhaul at MK Aero Support for some while.  Evidently she is still awaiting her engine back from overhaul. She came from Denham sometime prior to August 2002.  C of A expired 2002-05-10.  Hopefully she will be back in the air soon!


2003 August 19 Teal Parts Available

The complete inventory of original production Teal spare parts has been organized and sorted out at Lake Central Air Services.   Most Teal parts are now available.  Please contact LCAS with your inquiries.

Lake Central Air Services;
Muskoka Airport (CYQA)
R.R.#1, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Tel : (705) 687-4343
Fax : (705) 687-8983
E-mail: Lake Central


2003 August 18 Teal # 3 and # 34 News

The airframes for Teal amphibians s/n 3 and # 34 have now entered "Tealville" at Lake Central Air Services and the remanufacture has commenced.

Teals # 3 and # 34
at Lake Central Air Services, July 2003
Photo: Ted Dirstein (LCAS)

Teal # 3 will be remanufactured as a Model TSC-1A1/EW with extended non-flapped wings and a Lycoming O-320-A3B engine of 150 hp, and a gross weight increased to 2200 lbs. This Teal is for sale (see below).

Teal # 34 will be completed as a Model TSC-1A3 with new engine pylon and a 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1H6 engine.



'New' Teal Amphibians For Sale!

Lake Central Air Services (LCAS); Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, currently have 5 Teals available for remanufacture; s/n 3, 14, 19, 34 and 36.

Teals for sale!

Two of the Teals are already sold.  S/n 3, 19 and 36 are still availble!  Accompanied by a suitable deposit, the aircraft will be finished with your choice of interior upholstery, exterior finish and avionics!  For more information - please visit the LCAS web-site or e-mail LCAS.

Lake Central Air Services;
Muskoka Airport (CYQA)
R.R.#1, Gravenhurst, Ontario
Tel : (705) 687-4343
Fax : (705) 687-8983
E-mail: Lake Central



Teal # 19 and # 36 on 27 May 2003
at Lake Central Air Services
Photo: Ted Dirstein (LCAS)


2003 May 28 Teal # 13 and # 14 News

Teal # 14 (N2014T) was acquired by Rick Callis this Winter, from previous owner in Independence, Oregon.  N2014T had been stored for a few years, after suffering a landing accident.  This May Rick personally drove to Oregon to pick up the airframe and transport it on a trailer all the way to Lake Central Air Services in Canada.  After a 3000+ mi drive, Rick and #14 arrived at Muskoka on 21 May.  # 14 is planned to be rebuilt by LCAS as a Model TSC-1A1/EW with extended wings.

N2014T arriving at Muskoka on 21 May 2003
Photo: Ted Dirstein (LCAS)

By a weird coincidence, the very first owner of N2014T - Jim Reiser - today sent some new and interesting information on # 14;

- S/N 14 was actually the 13th produced.  When I told my wife of the time that the s/n was to be 13, she disliked the fact.  It was agreed that my purchase would become S/N 14, and so it was.  Hence, I surmise that S/N 13 as referenced on this site, was actually the 14th Teal Produced.

Jim has kindly offered to send photos of N2014T in her better days!

In April it was reported that Teal # 13 (N713CC) finally had been sold by Charles Cloutier to new owner Ken Richter - also a Louisiana resident.  We look forward to hearing more from Ken soon...


2003 March 15 Teal Restoration News


From Lake Central Air Services in Canada it is reported that the refurbishment and conversion of Teals # 19 and # 36 has started and is progressing well, as the photos below indicate!

Teal # 19

Teal # 19 at Muskoka, Canada, March 2003.
Photo: Ted Dirstein

Teal # 19 will be completed as a Model TSC-1A1/EW with extended wings and tailplane.  Preparations for installation of Martindale-designed 'gull wing' doors had been done during the 1990ies, but they will be replaced by original 'sliding' doors as approved by the ATC No. A15EA.  An 160 hp Lycoming O-320-B3B engine will be installed.

Teal # 36

Teal # 36 at Muskoka, Canada, March 2003.
Photo: Ted Durstein

Teal # 36 will be completed as a Model TSC-1A3, with a 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1H6 engine mounted on a new type engine pylon and with new design engine cowlings.  At least 2 more Teals are in the 'production line' at LCAS; # 3 and # 34.

Mr. Wayne Munich (Eastsound, Washington) reports that he has worked on the restoration of his Teal (N1365W) for more than three years and is is now 80 % complete.  Wayne has taken a break from his Teal restoration to build his new house/hangar...  However, he plans to be back on his restoration of Teal # 38 this summer.   Wayne's Teal # 38 was the last Teal built.

Teal # 15

Teal # 15 in England, before shipped to Florida.
Photo: Tom Beck

From England we have received a report that the Teal # 15 (ex G-TEAL/C-GDQD), owned by Tom Beck, was shipped from England on 13 March, destined for Florida, USA.  Tom will be living in his new home in Florida during winters, and will finish the restoration of Teal # 15 there.


2003 February 14 Teal # 1 is Flying Again!


From Florida, USA, we have received the good news that Teal # 1 (N1968S) is flying again, after a five year restoration by current owner Mr. Per Aanonsen.  N1968S, then owned by Mr. Mark W. Elliot,  was severely damaged when a F2 tornado hit the Miami area on 3 February 1998. N1968S was thrown into the air by wind gusts in excess of 100 mph and landed upside down, 500 ft away from her original tie-down position.

Teal # 1, Miami,  March 1998
Photo: Per Aanonsen

Some 235 airplanes were damaged or destroyed at Miami International Airport, Opa Locka Airport and North Perry Airport.  N1968S was considered to be totally destroyed, with heavy damages to engine pylon, cockpit, wings and nose.

Teal # 1, Miami,  March 1998
Photo: Per Aanonsen

However, most Teals seem to have 9 lives, so also N1968S... The saviour, Mr. Per Aanonsen, bought the wreck from Mr. Elliot in March 1998.  Per has restored and rebuilt 25 - 30 lightplanes, and thus had the experience needed to get N1968S flying again.

Per is retired at Flagler Beach, Florida, after more than 40 years in aviation as an aircraft electrician, aircraft mechanic and professional pilot and flight engineer, based in NY.  As a pilot/flight engineer, Per flew many aircraft types, including L-188, DC-8 and 747.  Retired from his professional career, Per flies his 150 hp (conversion) Cessna 150 for pleasure, and he is now hoping that he also will enjoy his Teal just as much...


2003 February 07 Teal for Sale! Sold!


Teal amphibian s/n 13 (N713CC), currently owned by Mr. Charles C. Cloutier, is up for sale.  Charles has to sell his beautiful Teal due to medical reasons, after owning it for more than four years.  The Teal is hangared at Patterson Airport, Lousiana.

S/n 13 is currently featured on eBay Auctions and on a few used-airplanes sites.   Charles is asking $44,900 for this rare seabird.  For more details on s/n 13 please visit the following web-sites;

Cloutier's own homepage [deleted 2003-06-24]
eBay Teal Auction [deleted 2003-06-24]
Vicki of Vermont Airplane Sales [deleted 2003-06-24]

If you are interested, you can also contact the Cloutier's directly at e-mail; [deleted 2003-06-24].


2003 January 15 Teal S/N 32 Restoration News


Washington (State) Teal owner Michael J. Schad reports that he is really close to finishing  his restoration of Teal # 32 (N87857).  Michael has completed the first taxi test and will finish the run-in for the engine this week. With over 1500 hrs time spent, he has built s/n 32 almost from scratch.  Winter has come to Washington, and this will be a first that he is not in the hangar on a cold night in January with several heaters going...

Taking one step at a time, Michael has devoted all his time towards the restoration process.  However, he now feels it is time to learn how to fly this bird!  If you have any suggestions to how Michael can get some real time in this type of aircraft, please e-mail Michael J. Schad.

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