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2008 September 11

Teal Resurrection

Exciting things have happened at Lake Central Air Services (Muskoka Airport, Ontario, Canada) the last few months!   In June Teals #19 and #34 took to the air again for the first time in many years, after expert remanufacture at LCAS!  First off was C-FUGG (#34).  On 19 June first flight was made by Arnfinn Halland of Seastar Corp. and Jim Watson, president of Scale Modelbuilders Inc.  Seastar Corp. (Richard Callis and Arnfinn Halland) have put excellent test pilot and Transport Canada Design Approval Representative Jim Watson (photo below) on the task of flight testing the new Teal conversions and assisting them in the certification process.  This was the first flight with the new 180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1H6 engine and a new engine pylon developed by the Teal designer legend David B. Thurston.

Jim Watson (Photo: Arnfinn Halland)

N2019T (#19) made her first flight a few days later, on 24 June 2008.  Originally a Model TSC-1A1 Teal, the last built by Thurston Aircraft Corporation, #19 has been rebuilt with a new 160 hp Lycoming O-320-B3B engine, model TSC-1A2 flapped wings and an extended tailplane.  This September she also got new paint job at Thorndale. The photo below was taken yesterday by Jim.  She looks fantastic in that paint scheme!

We look forward to learning more about the development of the Teal modifications currently under way by Teal Type Certificate (A15EA) holder Seastar Corporation!

N2019T (Photo: Jim Watson)


2008 June 23

Aeromarine Upgrades

International Aeromarine Corporation of Fairhope, Alabama, have released the first model photos of several sophisticated modifications and upgrades they have under research and development for the Teal amphibians.  Modifications under development include; tricycle landing gear, streamlined engine pylon, new wing tips, pods for aerodynamic streamlining of retracted main landing gear, strakes, etc. 

The two Aeromarine prototypes have been moved from Canada to Pennsylvania for final assembly, certification and flight testing, now (June 2008) estimated to start in about two months with the FAA being the wild card.

Two upgraded Teals, one featuring tricyle (Teal # 22) landing gear and one (Teal # 13) with conventional 'taildragger' landing gear are expected to fly during 2008, according to Capt Stephen Monteith Albers...

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