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C-FYSJ (#19)


C-FUGG (#034)


#033 for sale!



Teal News - Spring 2014

It must be admitted that the Teal News reports have been very few the last couple of years...  I don't know why, but very little Teal news have been reported to this website.  However, I am glad to report that there now are several indications that the Teal community is still alive - and well!

Peter E. Ward of Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada, is happy to report that he and his friend Malcolm Blair now are the proud owners of Teal #19, C-FYSJ ex N2019T, purchased from Richard Callis in July 2013.  #19 was rebuilt by Lake Central Air Services in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada during 2003-2008, and is modified with a number of modifications designed by David B. Thurston.  Originally a Model TSC-1A (upgraded to TSC-1A1), #19 was rebuilt to TSC-1A2/EP specifications: flapped wings added, extended tail plane, Lycoming O-320-B3B 160 hp engine and electric tachometer to eliminate long tach-cable to engine.

Peter writes; 

- Though I have extensive experience as an airline pilot, I have much to learn about the safe operation of the Teal.  So far, I have only logged a couple of hours of flight time, but hope to continue adding hours and experience as our very long and harsh Canadian winter gradually gives way to spring. I am currently being tutored by Jim Watson, who has considerable knowledge and experience and is the owner of Teal #034.

Speaking of Jim Watson, Jim has now repainted #034, C-FUGG, which looks fabulous in her US Coast Guard style paint scheme!  Jim has done a lot of flight testing in #34 and is becoming more and more an expert on Teals!

It is also great to see that most Teals are resurrected, even after accidents.  Currently two Teal projects are for sale; for those who would like to put together their own unique amphibian.  Kerry Gorman is selling #033 in Arizona, USA, with a total time on airframe of only 160 hrs!  #033 looks like a very good and complete project!

At Barnstormers, it is also noticed that #038, the last Teal ever built, is for sale.  Photos indicate that there is quite some work left to do, before #038 is restored after a tragic crash in 1992.  Still, I hope someone will take on the task of restoring this last Teal built...



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