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C-GDQC (Photo: Ted Dirstein)

2005 July 16

Teal #22 to Albers

On 3 June 2005 Capt. Stephen M. Albers acquired his second Teal amphibian, s/n 22 C-GDQC!  The Teal has been transported by truck from Muskoka to Port Huron, where # 13 already is undergoing renovation (see news below).  S/n 22 will be used as a research vehicle to test various Teal upgrades and configurations. Teal #22 has more improvements already built into it than any other Teal.  Modifications already installed include tricylcle landing gear, 180 hp engine and a redesigned engine pylon.  Tentative plans are for the flight tests to start in Mid-August 2005.



2005 February 21

Teal #13 Under Renovation

The new owner of Thurston TSC-1A Teal N713CC (c/n 13), Capt. Stephen M. Albers, reports that his Teal is now under an extensive renovation at Glen's Terryair in Huron Airpark (CYCE), Ontario, Canada.  The renovation is done under the supervision of Teal Guru Tom Martindale.  Upon removal of the fuselage fuel tank, a significant amount of saltwater corrosion was found.  Upon discussing this with designer Dave Thurston, Capt. Albers discovered that apparently during the early 1970s, when the aircraft was owned by Carroll Investment Fund, two airline pilots landed the aircraft in Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii, with the landing gear down.  Due to strong headwind and low ground speed, the aircraft did not turn over, but the windshield was crushed and the cockpit was filled with seawater. The Teal was eventually repaired and sold to Canada.

The corrosion location behind the fuel tank is not a place that is normally inspected.  This leaves the distinct possibility that other Teals out there might have corrosion in the same area, if they have fuselage tank installed.  Capt. Albers will get back with more details and recommendations later.

Capt. Albers is a retired FedEx pilot living in Alabama and he purchased N713CC from Mr. Ken Richter in September 2004.  The ownership change was officially registered on ther FAA Aircraft Registry on 29 November 2004.

[Photo: Luc Brousseau.  N713CC at Centralia / Huron Airpark (CYCE) - Ontario, Canada, September 9, 2005]


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