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2004 May 18 

Teal # 15 Flying!

It is with great pride and joy Marc D. Anstey reports that Tom Beck's Teal N897TB (s/n 15) now has made her first flights, after a 18 month rebuild!!

S/N 15 was seriously bent when she was blown upside down by a windstorm in January 1993, just a few months after she had been imported to the UK by Mr. Kenn Heeley. Since then the wreck changed hands a few times, before she was purchased by airline captain Tom Beck in September 2002.  Tom put his good friend (and skilled sheet metal-wizard) Marc Anstey on the job of putting the Teal back together again.  In March 2003 the partly finished Teal was transported from England to Eagle's Nest, Florida, USA, where Tom is building himself a summer house for his retirement.

Since then, Tom and Marc have been travelling back and forth between the US and England a number of times to finish the rebuild of s/n 15. On Easter Sunday, 11 April 2004, the day had arrived for the first post-rebuild flight.  This is Marc's happy report:


Hi Steinar,

You will be glad to know that #15 did not sink to the bottom of Eagle's Nest Lake... The water trials / handling went very well in near perfect conditions with a light breeze straight down the lake. Just as Tom taxied out of the water and shut down for a debrief we heard the noise of an aircraft overhead and to our surprise it was Per Aanonsen in #1. A quick walkaround was carried out on #15 then a fast land taxi back to Tom's to see Per. As you can see it is a rare sight to see 2 Teals together on the same day! Pure magic..

We had a very busy week preparing # 15 for flight including final rigging of the control surfaces, installation of soundproofing and all the little jobs that you just keep on putting of till later. Easter Sunday dawned and what a day it was going to turn into. I had the pleasure of going for a flight in a Citabria on floats. On my return I heard the noise of an aircraft at the opposite end of the field and I knew it could be only one aircraft, #15. With Tom at the controls he taxied down the slip into the water. One orbit of the lake, then straight down the lake at full power and airborne in a 1/3 of length of the lake. Difficult to describe how I felt at the moment, nervous, delighted, anxious and proud all at once!  After a few minutes Tom made his approach back in to the lake for a near perfect landing. Like a formula 1 racing driver, Tom 'cruised' the lake shoreline to the acknowledgement of the fellow residents of Eagles Nest.

In the evening over a number of beers Tom realized that after 18 month of hard work we had taken a near scraped aircraft through the repair shop, then put it in a container and assembled her and made her fly. Bloody Magic..... (Pardon my French)

Tom made three more flights off the hard a couple of days later to confirm the performance / handling figures before our departure back to the UK. Sorry we did not make Sun & Fun this year but we will be back next year..


[e-mails dated 13 May 2004]

Two proud Teal owners:
Mr. Per Aanonsen (N1968S) and Mr. Tom Beck (N897TB)
Eagles Nest, Florida 11 April 2004
Photo: © Marc D. Anstey

Per Aanonsen rebuilt Teal #1 (N1968S) after she was was totally wrecked in a hurricane in Florida some years ago.  There are now 3 Teals based in Florida; #1 (N1968S), #15 (N897TB) and #35 (N1322W) owned by Mr. Stuart Hanley.

Click here for more photos!



2004 April 06

Teal # 23 Ownership Change

Schweizer TSC-1A1 Teal # 23, registered LN-SAU in Norway, has been sold from Mr. Anders Grimnes to Mr. Odd William Björnestad.  Mr. Björnestad lives in Laksevåg, Bergen, and LN-SAU is based on Bergen Airport, Flesland. 

Change of ownership was officially recorded by Norwegian CAR on 15 March 2004.  LN-SAU is the only Teal on Norwegian CAR, out of a total of 3 since 1974.

Mr. Bjørnestad will use his Teal for transport to his cottage on a lake in Sunnfjord, north of Bergen.



2004 March 30

 Florida News Update!

Some weeks ago (2004-02-11), Mr. Marc D. Anstey, sent an update on the rebuild of Teal #15.  Finally here are the photos and Marcs interesting report:


Hi Steinar,

Unfortunately I was unable to get to Florida in January when Tom was there but he has asked me to update you with the progress on #15.

#15 has know been allocated an American registration, N897TB

The wings have now been fitted with some help from his friends and neighbours at Eagles Nest. Fast 'land' handling checks were carried out but due to the high cross winds at Eagles Nest Tom decided enough had been achieved on this visit and #15 was returned to the hangar in one piece to await his next visit...

Tom is planning to return to Eagles Nest in the beginning of April for more work on his house, hangar and #15...The next major task is to carry out water handling checks and hull leak checks before installing the soundproofing and soft furnishings to the cockpit. Hopefully during this time the FAA inspections will carried out and who knows # 15 may take to the air?



S/N 15 looks great, and it looks like Florida will be a very nice place for a Teal to be!  We look forward to seeing N897TB flying soon!

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