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Jim Poel (Photo: Eric Weaver)


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OH-EGA # 679 (Photo: Matti Mecklin)

Seabee to museum in Finland

[2011-11-04] Matti Mecklin informs that he in May 2011 sold his Seabee project, # 679 - OH-EGA, to LUSTO - The Finnish Forest Museum in Punkaharju, Finland.  OH-EGA crashed in 1958 and has not been flown since then.  OH-EGA will be restored for display in the museum in 2012.  For the restoration, the museum is in need of a front door and a propeller.  If you can help, please contact this webmaster...


LN-PLO # 813 (Photo: via Per Otto Leth-Olsen)

Seabee flies in Norway!

[2011-11-02] After nearly two years of total restoration by owner Per Otto Leth-Olsen, # 813 - LN-PLO, made her first flight in Norway on 08 October!  Per Otto imported # 813 from the USA in 2009.  Per Otto is a mechanic with a major Scandinavian airline, skills that will be most helpful for any Seabee owner.  Per Otto's father used to own a Seabee during the 1960s.  LN-PLO is currently the only Seabee in Norway, after Seabee # 270 LN-IKK was sold to Sweden as SE-AXR in 2005.  LN-PLO is Franklin-powered with original wings, and is based at Trondheim Airport, Værnes (ENVA).

Congratulations, Per Otto!


Robbe R/C Seabee (Photo: Russ Farris)

Farris' Robbe R/C Seabee

[2011-06-22] Thought you might like some pictures of of my Robbe R/C Seabee.  I painted it in the RAC demonstrator colors of NC87548; much more scale appearing than the Robbe scheme. Fantastic flying little seaplane!

Love the Seabee! Flew the full-size once from Key West to Dry Tortugas back in 1976. Very solid and slow!  I am at present an Airbus 320 captain with US Airways and an R/C modeler of over 40 years. Own and fly a 1957 Cessna 172 as well. Someday I hope to find the right full-size Seabee! I enjoy your website very much...

Thanks, Russ Farris


Jim Poel (Photo: Eric Weaver)

Jim's Memorial

Hi Everyone,

First, thank you for the huge outpouring of support.  I always knew he  was terrific, I just didn't realize so many others did!

The memorial will be Friday, Feb. 4 at 1300.  (that's 1:00 pm) at "The Tree" in Spruce Creek.  Security will give you directions.    If it's bad weather, it will be at the Country Club--just a little down from the tree.  There will be directions for that as well.  A reception will follow the memorial.  To get to Spruce Creek, it's 2.3 miles west of 95.  I'm sure we're on Mapquest.

For fly-in people let me know your e.t.a. and I'll have someone for transportation.  We can park about four planes on our apron and two neighbors.  Then there's some room at another neighbor one street over.  When you can let me know your plans, I'll work on parking.

Having attended a few of these before, it's important to me that people who know him speak.  That's where his life was, not with people who didn't know him.  So. . .anyone who would like to share a story, call me and I'll try to work this out.  If you can't, that's okay.  I have a million of them and know I won't be able to share them.  So, just think about it.  And again, let me know if you would like to.

I think that's all for now.  Any questions, please let me know.  I think I'm banging on all cylinders, but who knows?


Jim Poel

It is with the most profound sorrow of my life that I tell you that Jim died today.  He had a heart attack and was pronounced dead at 1636.  I'll let you know about arrangements later.





N48VP "Lake Tahoe Special" Accident


On Friday 21 January 2011, the beautiful "Lake Tahoe Special" amphibian sadly had an accident on Shasta Lake, Redding, California.  During landing on Shasta Lake just before 12:30 p.m., right wing float hit debris in the water some 500 yards from Bridge Bay Resort. 

R/H wing dipped into the water.  Eyewitnesses said the plane went in circles three to four times, before settling.

When it stopped, pilot/owner Stephen Lantz and his two passengers — Thomas Giles, 72, of Anderson, and Douglas McLain, 70, of Redding — climbed out. Then the plane flipped and began to sink as the men scrambled on top of it.

Bridge Bay employees quickly made it to the sinking plane and rescued the three, deputies said. No one was reported injured.

Stephen Lantz and his companions had taken off from Benton Airpark in Redding before landing on the lake.

Shasta County Sheriff's Boating Safety Unit officials said they secured the plane to prevent it from sinking. U.S. Forest Service employees towed the plane back to Bridge Bay.

The Boating Safety Unit, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident.

"Lake Tahoe Special" is an experimental amphibian made by Stephen Lantz from Republic Seabee components and is equipped with a V8 engine.


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