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Trident Trigull Brochure

Photo: Randy Komko
S Publication Issue Title/Author Remarks
C AOPA Pilot (US) 1972 Aug New Amphibian On Drawing Board 1/2 pg News article.
C AOPA Pilot (US) 1974 Oct Canada's Trigull Amphibian;
by Peter M. Bowers
3 pgs.  History and description of the Trident Trigull 320 amphibian.  Photos: CF-TRI-X.
C Canadian Aviation (CAN) 1974 May Canada's 'do everything' amphib;
by Hugh Wittington
5 pgs.  Exclusive pilot report on the Trident TriGull 320 amphibian.
Photos: CF-TRI-X
O Private Pilot (US) 1974 Nov Trigull 320 Amphib-An amphibian that out-STOLs landplanes..;
by Don Kyte
7 pga. PIREP
Photos: CF-TRI-X.
C Sport Flying (US) 1971 Jun The Trident - Trident Aircraft Plans Disclosed;
3 pgs. Introduction to the Trident TR-1 amphibian.  Photos of model.
O Water Flying Annual (SPA) (US) 1978 Vol 2 The Trident Trigull;
by George Westingouse
6 pgs. PIREP on the Trigull amphibian.
Photos: C-GATE-X
C Wings Magazine (CAN) 1977 Feb The Trident Trigull;
by George Westinghouse


Trident Trigull 3-view Drawing (jpg) Trident Trigull 4-page brochure (PDF) Trident Trigull Color Options (PDF)
Trigull 3-view
Trigull Brochure (4 pgs)
Trident Color Options
Trigull / Grumman Advert (PDF) Trident Trigull Large Brochure (PDF) Trident Trigull Specifications (PDF)
Trigull / Grumman Advert
Trident Trigull Brochure (large)
Trigull Specifications

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