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This web site is dedicated to the Trident TR-1 Trigull amphibian - one of the most beautiful aircraft ever!  Being the perfect evolution of the Republic RC-3 Seabee amphibian, this is no coincidence.  The 'father' of the Seabee, legend amphibian aircraft designer Percival H. Spencer, was also involved in the early design of the Trident Trigull... 

This site will try to document all sides of the Trident Trigull, including history, specifications, news, etc.  The Trigull amphibian never entered production, but all amphibian enthusiasts hope that this will happen in the near future.  The Trigull project is currently owned by Viking Air Ltd., Victoria, BC, Canada.  Viking Air owns the two protoypes built.

Please note that these web pages do not represent Viking Air or any other businesses or persons involved in the Trigull project. These web pages are made by a non-professional aviation enthusiast, who loves amphibians... 

Your contributions and corrections to these Trident Trigull web-pages will be highly appreciated! Thank you very much!

Steinar Saevdal



These Trigull  web pages would not be possible without the kind help from; Jeff Dean, Heinz Holzmann, Jim Jackson, Randy Komko, Jim Newton, Arnold Parlee, Scott Perkins, Richard W. Sanders, Peggy Sanders, Boyd L. Smith, R. W. (Bill) Walker, Brent Wallace and all you others that have helped - without me knowing it!  Thank you very, very much!

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Updated 2019-11-20

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