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The Seabee Yahoo Group

This is a Seabee message board for exchange of Seabee information, photos, news, etc.  The Seabee Group has extensive Seabee databases.

The International Republic Seabee Owner's Club (IRSOC)

At the IRSOC Web Site you will find the real Seabee experts.  The site has a vast collection of useful references for Seabee owners/pilots including; manuals, parts lists, ADs, service bulletins, etc.  The IRSOC site is a 'must' for Seabee owners and pilots.  If you are a Seabee owner, you should join the IRSOC.  Made by Mr. Steve Mestler.

Simuflight - 

Simuflight is a family owned company founded by Joe McHugh that provides services for the Republic RC-3 Seabee amphibian.  Simuflight is the primary supplier of Seabee parts and kits in the World, offering not only parts but also kits to modify your Seabee, maintenance and Seabee restoration services.  The company has been building, maintaining and restoring Seabees for more than 30 years.

Transition Aircraft -

Transition Aircraft (Randy Komko) offers the best Lycoming TIO/IO-540 direct drive engine modifications available for the Seabee.  Transition Aircraft is also an expert re-builder of Seabees for more than three decades!

The Hankwitz Seabee Movie - "The Blue Horizons"

The award winning home movie "The Blue Horizons" was produced in Wisconsin in 1949 and 1950 feature the Hankwitz Family and their Republic Seabee amphibian.  This fantastic movie is a MUST SEE for every Seabee enthusiast!  Now you can see the "Blue Horizons" movie on the web site of Cark and Elise "Liz" Hankwitz!

Republic Seabee Newsletter (e-mail)  

Seabee owner and pilot Bruce Hinds has for a few years been publishing a monthly Seabee Newsletter that keeps Seabee fans updated on what is happening in the Seabee gang.  If you want to join Bruce's Seabee Newsletter mailing list, please send your e-mail address to Bruce Hinds  

Robinson V8 Engine Conversions

The Robinson Seabee engine conversion is the newest on the market, and has stirred a huge interest among Seabee owners.  Developed by Canadian Brian Robinson, the conversion utilize a Corvette V8 automobile engine.  To date the Robinson's have developed & flown the 320 hp LS-1 version & the 350 hp LS-6 version.

Norwegian Seabee Web Site -

A nice Norwegian Seabee web site by Mr. Arne Sundsbø. Many interesting historical photos of Norwegian Seabees. Detailed technical description of the Seabee.

Seabee Walkaround Photos!

Robert Lundin, Sweden, has made these great web-pages of Seabee detail photos for modellers and others who like to study Bees...  You have to see the photos of the World's Most Beautiful Seabee; SE-AXY!!!

N950CB Twin Bee Restoration -

Harry and Debbie Copeland have purchased Twin Bee s/n 16 from Command Aircraft in Flagler County January 2007. John Rutkoksky is putting her back together at Daytona Beach International Airport.

AirTour Lapland - 

The last commercial operator of Republic Seabee in Europe?  Operates SE-BXB.

Andy's Hangar  

Norris "Andy" Shane is rebuilding Republic Seabee ("Aunt Bee") N6516K (s/n 782).

G & P Sales

...make Seabee and Twin Bee R/C models.

Jan Bem's Republic Seabee N6356K

Som very nice web-pages dedicated to Mr. Jan Bem and  Seabee N6356K.  Very noice photos.  The web-site is in Polish (?) language and is made by Mr. Patrik Sainer.

Chinook Flying Service 

Chinook operated a single Seabee for very short time...

Radio Controlled Seabee !  -

Christer Bergström's beautiful flying Seabee flying scale model...

Seabee photos by Sonny Dorrbecker 1 and 2

George (Sonny) Dorrbecker has taken several great Seabee photos at the a number of Splash-ins...

Fiskflyg AB - Sweden

Fiskflyg AB was one of the biggest operators of Seabees in Scandinavia until 2000, when their Seabees where sold.

Seabee owner Mark Becker's adventures in Africa with a trike microlight aircraft!

This interesting web-site by Mr. Ken Stoltzfus has many interesting photos of vintage airplanes, including Republic Seabee and Twin Bee amphibians.

Vallentuna Aviatörförening 

VAF in Sweden is a group of aviation enthusiasts operating a DC-3, Seabee, Piper Cub and other historic aircraft out of a private airfield in Vallentuna, just north of Stockholm. - Seabee photos - Kodiak Amphibians, including Seabee

Republic Aviation Corp. History

History of Republic Aviation Corp. and their aircraft.

American Airpower Museum -

Dedicated to keeping the history of Republic Airport - the home of Republic Aviation Corp. - alive!

Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society -

The Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society (LIRAHS) was formed by the Republic Airport Commission, under the leadership of Commissioner Charlotte Geyer, and the New York State Department of Transportation in 1984 to preserve and disseminate the rich aviation history of Republic Airport  in East Farmingdale, N.Y

Torslanda Airport History Site - NEW!

This great website tells the story of the Swedish airport Torslanda (ESGB), Göteborg, since 1923.  The photos on this website are simply amazing!  This airport had many Seabees visiting and the Seabee photos shown are excellent!  Ostermans Aero AB operated Seabees from Torslanda. NEW!

I realize Seabee Owner’s Club members have access to a lot of type specific information and favorite local shops that specialize in amphibians. However, we have a few options for Seabee owner/pilots. So, we would like to offer any Seabee Owner’s Club member in good standing 10% off any singular maintenance request to any combination of maintenance,  paint, and interior refurbishment. This could be a substantial savings for someone wanting an outside source to complete a restoration. No request too small or too large.  Where we really can help is interior fabrication. We have the capability to custom design seat upgrades, interior sidewalls, headliners, instrument panel overlays, and install a fair amount of glass as well. Need components painted?  Give us a call. (Jim Holdeman 2018-03-20)


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