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N65NE (Photo: Eric Weaver)

- Twin engine five-seat amphibian remanufactured from components from Republic RC-3 Seabee single engine amphibians.

WINGS - Shoulder wing strut-braced monoplane.  Wing span is increased by 6 ft.  A three feet wing section with engine mountings is installed at each side of fuselage.  Original Seabee wings are used for outer wing sections.

HULL - Single step all metal structure.  Hull below cabin floor has series of watertight compartments.  To improve stability and C of G, hull length is increased by 3 ft with the addition of a plug aft of cabin.  Two additional circular windows are added to rear cabin.

TAIL UNIT - Rudder area is increased for better directional control.  Rudder trim-tab area is increased.

LANDING GEAR - Hydraulically retractable main wheels, mechanically retracted tail wheel. Oleo-pneumatic shock-struts.

ENGINES - Two 180 hp Lycoming fuel injected four cylinder horizontally-opposed engines mounted above wing leading edges and driving two-bladed tractor propellers.  The original Seabee fuel tank of 85 US gal capacity remains in the keel compartment below rear  cabin floor.  An auxiliary 16 US gal fuel tank is installed in the tail, just below tailplane.

ACCOMMODATION - Cabin seats five (+ one), four indiviual seats in two front rows, a bench seat aft.

Manufacturer: STOL Aircraft Corporation
Norwood Airport
Noorwood, MA 02062
Model: UC-1 Twin Bee
FAA Approved Type Certificate No: A6EA (25 June 1965)
Wing Span: 43.33 ft
Length Overall: 31.25 ft
Max Height: 10.16 ft
Wing Area: 225 sq ft
Wheel Base: 186 in
Wheel Thread: 90 in
Engines: Lycoming IO-360-B1D
Power: 180 hp at 2 700 RPM
Propellers: 2 x Hartzell HC-C2YK-2RB/7666A-2
72 in CS feathering
Power Loading: 10.55 lbs/hp
Wing Loading: 16.89 lbs/sq ft
Fuel Capacity: 101 US gal
Oil Capacity (per engine): 2 US gal
Empty Weight: 2 500 lbs
Gross Weight: 3 800 lbs


Maximum Speed at S/L: 147 mph
Cruise Speed (75 % power) at S/L: 131 mph
Cruise Speed (75 % power) at 6,800 ft: 140 mph
Stall Speed (landing configuration) power off: 49 mph
Stall Speed (landing configuration) power on: 38 mph
Never Exceed Speed Vne: 166 mph
Maneuvering Speed Vp: 131 mph
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed Vno: 132 mph
Flap Extended Speed Vfe: 105 mph
Minimum Directional Control Speed Vmc: 58 mph
Initial Rate of Climb: 1 265 ft/min
Fuel Consumption:  gal/hr
Ceiling (absolute): 19 000 ft
Ceiling (absolute) - one engine: 3 900 ft
Take off run (land): 375 ft
Take off distance to 50 ft AGL: 600 ft
Take off time (water): 11 sec
Range (55% power) - no reserve:  900 miles

UC-1 Twin Bee drawing

UC-1 Twin Bee
Drawing Chris Haag

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