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Seabee R/C Model by Christer Bergström, Sweden.
Photo: © Christer Bergström

The Republic Seabee amphibian looks like no other airplane!  Her strange and unique features makes her an interesting and challenging object for model makers.  A number of Seabee models have been available, either as model kits or as model plans.  All model kits and plans known by me are listed below

If you know of Seabee model kits and models plans not listed below, I would very much appreciate more information from you - so that they can be added to the list.  I will also be interested in any additional information and photos for the kits and plans already listed.  Please e-mail me at:

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Cleveland Seabee Kit

Model No:

Eko Seabee Kit

Kit No: 5015
Scale: 1/150 

The EKO is a mini-scale polystyrene model kit of the Seabee, with transparent windows.  The finish and accuracy of the model is quite poor.  The model kit was probably manufactured in the 1960ies.


G&P Seabee/Twin Bee R/C Model Kit

G and P Sales
455 Sunset Drive
Angwin, CA 94508


The G&P Seabee is a R/C scale model featuring a fiberglass fuselage composed of fiberglass mat.  The wings are precut out of small bead foam and are designed to be sheeted with 1/16" balsa. The rudder, horizontal stab and elevators are presawn from light weight balsa. The fuel tank is mounted ahead of the engine inside the fiberglass nacelle. The engine cowl and wing floats are also fiberglass. The floats come with all the hardware necessary to mount them.  Included in the kit is a clear vacuum formed bubble for the windows. Functional wing lift struts eliminate the necessity of a spar in the wing, allowing a stressed skin design that makes building fast and easy.

This airplane is a very gentle trainer-like plane to fly due to the constant cord high lift airfoil. The Seabee takes off in about 100 ft of water with a .40 engine. The Twin Bee takes off more quickly. The kit includes full size plans, window bubble, a fiberglass fuselage, 2 piece wing foam cores, lift struts, control horns, hinges, screws and bolts, and all necessary wood. The wing mounts, engine firewall, and tank well reinforcements are also included and are presawn. The plans show how to make retractable gear for true amphibian operation. The Twin Bee wing is a separate wing and can be purchased also, so it can be flown as a twin or a single engine plane. 


Glencoe Seabee Kit

Glencoe Models
Box 846
Northboro, MA 01532
Plastic Kit No: 05104 
Scale: 1/48

The Glencoe Models Seabee plastic kit is made of transparant polystyrene, 23 parts.  The molds are the same as for the original Olin Seabee kit. Decals for G-AJNM/AJVO/AJVP, N87xxx, Israeli AF '61'.  Box art by John Amendola.  Quite rude finish.


Hawk Seabee Kit

Model No:

This is a balsa wood model kit.  It looks like it is a model kit similar to the Minicrafters kit, but with metal and plastic parts.  More information wanted!


Lindberg Seabee Kit

Lindberg Products
Skokie, Illinois
Kit No: 503:79
Scale: 1:48

The Lindberg Seabee plastic kit is made of grey polystyrene, 27 parts.  The molds are the same as for the original Olin Seabee kit and the later Glencoe kit. Decals for NC56874.  Box art by Ray Gaedke.  Good quality and finish.


Mach Seabee Kit

Mach 2
17, rue Emile Combes
F-78800 Houilles
Kit No: GP. 027
Scale: 1/72

The March 2 Seabee plastic kit is made of cream polystyrene, approximately 40 parts.  Decals for N6097K, F-OABR, Israeli AF '61'.  Box art by Alaxandre.  Poor finish.


Minicrafters Seabee Kit

Minicrafters of Baltimore
Kit No: M-4 
Scale: 1:48

The Minicrafters of Baltimore 'Solid Models' Republic Seabee is a prefabricated balsa scale display model, consisting of 10+ wood/balsa parts.  The kit includes a scale drawing and templates for the carving and sanding of the model.  The model is to be painted.


Olin Seabee Kit

Kit No: ? 
Scale: 1/48

The Olin Seabee plastic kit is made of polysterene.  Original molds for the Lindberg and Glencoe kits.  More information wanted!


Pegaso Seabee Kit

Kit No: ? 
Scale: 1/48

The Pegaso Seabee plastic kit is made of polysterene.  Probably made from the Olin/Lindberg molds.  The Pegaso model includes a diorama set. More information wanted!


Robbe Seabee RC Model

Robbe Modellsport
Art. No: 3294 
Scale: ?

The Robbe "Seabee" is a handy sized seaplane, moulded in light and strong ""Flexit plus" foam in CNC machined moulds (all made in Germany).  The model is capable of water take-off as well as being hand launched.  In just a few metres, the model gets "on the step" and takes off safely and reliably from water.  The pusher prop gives excellent maneuverability on water.  It is able to take off and land on very small lakes and rivers, therefore, the Seabee is a "cute" plane for the whole family on holiday.  Also the Seabee can be easily hand launched.  Due to the low landing speed, the landing can be made on every small grass field.  For this, the floats are easily removable.  Unlike the original, the small Seabee can fly simple aerobatics, such as loops, rolls and stall-turns.  The Robbe Seabee is a fun-flyer for the experienced model flyer.  Thanks to modern construction of light foam, it is light, pretty and unsinkable.
  • Flexit plus foam parts for the one-piece fuselage, wings, tailplane, floats and cabin
  • Square section anodised alloy fuselage strengtheneing and motor mount
  • Roxxy BL-Outrunner No. 4953 and BL-Controller No. 8638
  • 9 piece epoxy fittings pack- = float fixings, control horns etc.
  • 8 Mini-Magnetse to secure canopy and cowling
  • 6 injection moulded plastic parts for wing and float attachment
  • Carbon profiles to reinforce wings and tailplane
  • Stainless steel Bowden cables as well as various amall partse
  • BELI-ZELL solvent free PU-Universal-Adhesive
  • Decal set
  • Comprehensive, illustrated step-by step instructions


Kenn Anderson's Seabee


Kenneth E. Anderson of Lake In The Hills, Illinois, built this fantastic scratch built Republic Seabee model from Paul Matt's plans.  74 years old, Kenn built all from scratch except the main wheels which were modified to fit on the Seabee.  Using carbon paper, card board and the Matt plans, Kenn made 61 templates.  Kenn continues; The pontoons are cherry wood, the wings base 'linden' wood, the tail parts poplar.  The body, I do not know.  My wife had bought the wood 25 years ago, but an interesting coincidence; all three dimensions were within 1/16".  The brass parts are made from 5/16" and 3/16" round stock plus .025 flat stock. 

Tools used: Drill press, bench grinder, belt sander laid on its side, hand tools and lots of sandpaper.

The wings and tail assembly are dolled for strength.  Other parts are inset 3/16".  The finish is "Minwax" stain and satin varnish rubbed with 0000 steel wool.  The brass parts are lacquered.

The effort that required the most thought was the sequence of events.  The last part shaped was the keel. Then assembly, of course.  Plastic wood or filler were not used.

The degrees of offset of the tail assembly were ignored for symmetry, but the 2 degree of wing dehedral are correct. 2 degrees of the propeller; 'close'.

Three of the four tie downs are of wood, the nose one of brass.  The trim tab of the wing would not stay glued, thus no tab.  The wheels retract.

I had outlined the doors with a fine permanent marker, but I felt it detracted so I removed them with alcohol.  I did, however, use brass handles. 

[Kenn Anderson - 14 October 2004]


Bryant Seabee RC Model
Bill Bryant Seabee model!

Bill Bryant Seabee model!

Bill Bryant Seabee model!


Came across your website, and thought you might like to see my friend Bill Bryant, from Whittier CA. Seabee model. Scratch built from plans purchased on the internet. Span is 63", ready to fly weight is about 8lbs. Power is a 60 size brushless electric motor, 60 amp speed control, 3 blade pusher prop, 6 cell Lipo battery. I had the privilege of doing the maiden flight, and the model flew perfect; no trim adjustment was needed, and no bad habits. Glide ratio is very good; the plane just goes, and goes. The correct angle on landing is important, or the plane will "porpoise"

Mark Weitzman
June 05, 2017



Seabee Model Photos

Republic Seabee mahogany model by All Wood Wings

Republic Seabee mahogany model by All Wood Wings

Handcrafted Seabee mahogany model by Griffin AeroSpace.

Unknown model of SE-AXM

Seabee model by
Mr. Tom Sandor

Scratch-built R/C model by Mr. Ed Milburn.

Scratch-built wood model by Ross Hand, CT, USA.

Mach 1/72 Seabee Plastic Model.

Mach 1/72 Seabee Plastic Model.

Mach 1/72 Seabee Plastic Model.

Model of NC6695K (c/n 978) of S.L.H.C.F. - Indochina
built by Tailly Thierry, France.

Model of NC6695K (c/n 978) of S.L.H.C.F. - Indochina
built by Tailly Thierry, France.

Model of NC6695K (c/n 978) of S.L.H.C.F. - Indochina
built by Tailly Thierry, France.

Scratch-built electric R/C model by 'Cathode'.

Seabee 'lookalike' R/C model of unknown origin.

Pegaso Republic Seabee model kit.

Robbe Republic Seabee
RC model kit.

Nikko Seabee tin toy airplane 1950s.


Seabee wood model of unknown make.

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