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Skyways March 1947



Flying September 1947






AOPA Pilot February 1966


Flygrevyn No. 4 / 1976
S Publication Issue Title/Author Remarks
W Aero (US) 1970 Jan/Feb  Water Flying;
by John Schmidt 
Photos: N6652K.
W Aero Digest (US) 1945 Dec 15 ? ?
O Aero Digest (US) 1946 Oct Noteworthy Landing Gear Types (Part 2);
5 pgs.  Presentation of landing gear designs, including Electrol for Seabee.
O Aeromodeller (UK) 1949 May Republic Seabee - H. J. Towner's 53½ ins. Flying Scale Model 4 pgs. Article and scale model plans for Republic Seabee.
O Aeromodeller (UK) 1949 May Republic Seabee - Aircraft described No. 19;
by E. J. Riding
2 pgs.  Description and scale drawing-  Photos: N87461, G-AJVO, G-AJVP.
O Aeroplane, The (UK) 1947 Mar 7 Seaborne in The Seabee;
by Squadron Leader T. S. Wade.
5 pgs.  PIREP and comprehensive description of the Seabee, including cutaway drawings.
Photos: NC87591.
C Air-Britain "Archive"
No: 3
Aircraft Production List: I
Republic RC-3 Seabee
4 pgs. Production List.
Photos: D-ELPO, SE-AXM, N6291K, N6058K, LN-TVV, VH-MJO, N60CB, G-AJVO.
C Air Britain "Archive"
No: 4
Aircraft Production List: I
Republic RC-3 Seabee
- Part two: Additions
3 pgs. Production List, additions and corrections. UC-1 Twin Bee.
Photos: N335G, N20CB, N42AW, N87589, N9510U.
O Air-Britain "Digest"
1988 Aug-Sep British Civil Marine Aircraft 1946 - 1988;
by Keith Cruttenden
6 pgs.  Comprehensive list of all British seaplanes, flying boats and amphibians.
C Aircraft Builder (US) 1984 Winter Aqua Air Car;
by Don Dwiggins
4 pgs.  Rollout description of Spencer S-14 Air Car Jr.  Photos: N111DA, N14NX, Spence.
O Air Facts (US) 1946 Oct  The Seabee;
by Leighton Collins 
20 pgs. PIREP.
Photos: NC87457, NC87464. Cover: NC87457.
O Air Facts (US) 1947 Feb  How the Seabee Works, Part 1;
by Wolfgang Langweische 
14 pgs. PIREP
Photo: NC87467.
O Air Facts (US) 1947 Mar  How the Seabee Works, Part 2;
by Wolfgang Langweische
10 pgs. PIREP
W Air Force (US) 1946 Mar  Introduction to...;
W Air Force (US) 1947 Mar  - Cover only
W Air News w/ Air Tech 1945 Sep Flying Fisherman 1 pg.  Photos featuring NX41816.
O Air News w/ Air Tech 1946 Feb Air Tech Presents the Republic Seabee. 5 pgs.  Techincal description of Seabee (prototype).  Photos: NX87451.
W Air Power (US) 1974 Jul  Republic History;
by ?
Republic history including RC-1, RC-2, RC-3, P-47, etc.
O Air Progress (US) 1966 Apr STOL Performance With The Stodgy Seabee? 3 pgs. Short description with photos.
Photos: N87589.
O Air Progress (US) 1972 May  Adventures Aboard A Flying Floating Summerhouse;
by Richard Bach 
6 pgs. Richard Bach buys a Seabee (N6468K).
Photos: N6468K.
O Air Progress (US) 1975 May Son of SeaBee - Spencer's Tiara-powered Air Car;
by Peter Lert, photos by Bruce Benton
7 pgs.  PIREP on the Tiara-powered Spencer S-12-E Air Car.  Photos: N111DA. Cover: N111DA.
O Air Progress (US) 1975 May Spence 'N' Andy: The Odd Couple;
by Andy Shane.
2 pgs.  The story of Spence and Andy.
O Air Progress (US) 1988 Sep Twin Bee - Stalking the elusive multi-engine sea rating with a United Consultants' UC-1 Twin Bee;
by Peter Lert, photos by Lert and Peter Breining.
10 pgs.  Photos: N87589.  Cover: N87589.
O Air Progress (US) 1992 Jul UC-1 Twin Bee;
by John W. Conrad, photos by ?
8 pgs.  Description and PIREP.  Photos: N77GT.  Cover: N77GT.
O Air Progress Aviation Review (US) 1979 Winter  Mr Spencer & His Aircar;
by Dr. Ginsburge 
4 pgs. P. H. Spencer story.  Photos: NX29098, NX41816, N36WT, N6201K, N11DA
W Air Trails (US) 1946 Mar  Introduction to...;
O Air Trails Pictorial (US) 1945 Jan Thunderbolt Amphibian - Republic's New Personal Amphibian... 1 pg. Drawings of RC-1.
O Air Trails Pictorial (US) 1946 Apr Low-cost Private Planes; by Alfred Marchev 8 pgs. Simplified design, better engineering and tooling are the keys...
Photos: NX41816
O Air Trails Pictorial (US) 1946 Aug Republic Seabee;
by Beverly D. Smith
5 pgs. Scale model of Seabee NX41816.  Plans.
O Air Trails Pictorial (US) 1948 Feb Seadrome at The Soo;
by Douglas J. Ingelis
 3 veterans start a seaplane business ("Great Lakes Skyways"), using two Seabees.
O Air Trails (US) 1947 Mar  Cover only.
O Air World (US) 1946 Mar Spencer, Man Behind The Seabee;
by Seth Babits
3 pgs.  Biography on P. H. Spencer.
Photos: NX41816
O Air World (US) 1947 Jan The Winner Takes A Plane;
by editor.
3 pgs. Capt. John T. McGeogehan wins a Seabee on the Air World private plane contest.  Photo: Cover + N????
C Aircraft Production (UK) 1946 Oct Design for Low-cost Production; by Alfred Z. Boyajian. 8 pgs. Detailed technical discussion of the Republic Seabee designed for low-cost production.
O AOPA Pilot (US) 1966 Feb - Cover only. Photo: N6113K.
O AOPA Pilot (US) 1960 Sep Twin Engines For The Seabee Short news article on the Twin Bee. Photo: N87589
C AOPA Pilot (US) 1972 Aug New Amphibian On Drawing Board 1/2 pg News article.
C AOPA Pilot (US) 1974 Oct Canada's Trigull Amphibian;
by Peter M. Bowers
3 pgs.  History and description of the Trident Trigull 320 amphibian.  Photos: CF-TRI-X.
O AOPA Pilot (US) 1982 Mar  Yesterday's Wings - The Republic Seabee;
by Peter M. Bowers 
3 pgs.  Comprehensive history of the Seabee.  Photos: NX41816, NC87480, N6616K.
O AOPA Pilot (US) 1983 May   Splash Party;
by Frank Kingston Smith 
Water rating in a Seabee.
W AOPA Pilot (US) 1997 Sep The Contradictions of the Seabee;
by Rick Durden
O Aviation (US) 1946 May  Design Analysis of Republic Seabee;
by Irving Stone 
18 pgs. The definitive engineering design analysis of the Seabee. Photos: NX87451 and several drawings.
O Aviation (US) 1946 Nov Carving Costs in Hydraulics Production;
2 pgs. How Electrol simplified the Seabee hydraulic landing gear - to reduce manufacturing time and costs.
C Aviation Digest (US) 2004 Aug
Vol 22 Iss 1
Aircraft Review
1947 Republic Seabee;

by Jeff Moody / Jim Poel
5 pgs. History, technical description and operation.
W Aviation Quarterly (CAN) 1999 Summer ? ?
O Aviation World (UK) 1989 Sep/Oct "The Republic RC-3 Seabee";
by J. M. G. Gradidge
4 pgs.  Detailed history of the Seabee.  Photos: CF-MYT, N17WH, CF-DKW, C-GBEE, CF-HHS, N87589, N6296K, HB-SEA, CF-GAD, VH-MJO, N6179K, NC87464, N60CB.
O Book (NO) 1957 "Kan flyet komme...";
by Oddmund Ljone [J. W. Eides Forlag, Bergen]
Book with stories about ambulance flying in Norway.  Many Seabee stories (in Norwegian).
O Book (SE) 2003 "Porjus - den flygande byn";
by Alf Wallbing ++ [Porjus Arkivkommitté, Porjus, Sweden.
Book with stories about bushflying in Porjus area in Northern Sweden.  Many Seabee photos (Swedish text).
O Book (US) 2004 "Success on the Step - Flying with Kenmore Air";
by C. Marin Faure [Earmark Publishing, Seattle, WA, USA]
ISBN: 0-9760200-1-7
The story of Bob Munro and Kenmore Air and their people.  Many stories about Seabee operations.
O Book (NO) 1984 "Grönne vinger over Norge - Wideröe's Flyveselskap A/S 50 år";
by Odd Arnesen [Wideröe's].
The history of Norwegian airliner Wideröe's 1934 - 1984.  Wideröe's operated Seabees 1949 - 1966.
W Book (US) 19??
Winter ed.
Bill Winter's Model Aircraft Plan Book;
[Winter Books]
132 pgs. soft cover. Includes model plans of Republic Seabee by Claude McCullogh
O CAHS Journal (CAN) 2000 Summer Republic's Misjudged Amphibian;
by Alan Wingate
8 pgs.  Lessons learned flying the snarly little RC-3 Seabee in Canada from 1946.
Photos: 18 various Seabees.
W Canadian Aviation (CAN) 1946 Sep     
W Canadian Aviation (CAN) 1950 Sep   Front page
C Canadian Aviation (CAN) 1974 May Canada's 'do everything' amphib;
by Hugh Wittington
5 pgs.  Exclusive pilot report on the Trident TriGull 320 amphibian.
Photos: CF-TRI-X
O Carolina Skies (US) 2002 Feb/Mar The "Marty B";
by Micah Froese
2 pgs. Don and Steve Mestler, N9042N.
O Carolina Skies (US) 2002 Feb/Mar A Seabee Adventure;
by Steve Mestler
2 pgs. Seabee cross-country flight in N9042N.
O Carolina Skies (US) 2002 Feb/Mar The Contradictions of the Seabee;
by Rick Durden
4 pgs.  PIREP.
Photos: N9042N
W Commercial Aviation (US) 1945 Oct     
W Commercial Aviation  (US) 1945 Jan     
C EAA Sportsman Pilot (US) 1988 Winter  Jim & Dete Sorensen's Seabee;
by Jack Cox 
Photos: N6719K.
W Esquire (US) 1946 Dec  Introduction to...;
W Esquire (US) 1947 Feb  Introduction to...;
by ?
O Esquire (US)  1946 Esquire's Plane Talk;
Editor: John H. Geisse
64 pgs.  Softback book on owning private airplanes. Short description of Seabee.
O Flight (UK) 1945 Jan 4 From Fighter ro Amphibian;- Republic Aviation Corporation's Post-war Four-seater. 1 pg. Introduction to Republic amphibian.
O Flight (UK) 1946 Sep 5  The Seabee Amphibian; Editorial. 3 pgs. Technical description of Republic Seabee. Photos: NX87451, NX41816. Drawings.
W Flight (UK) 1947 Aug 14     
O Flyghistoriskt Månadsblad (SE) 1974 No: 10 Seabee Swedish Aviation Historical Society (SAHS).
W Flygrevyn (SE) 1976 No: 4 Seabee Photos: SE-AXM
Cover only.
W Flying (US) 1946 Mar  Introduction to...;
by ?
O Flying (US) 1946 Jul Marchev's Folly;
4 pgs. Seabee's radical design confounds the diehards who claim "it can't be done".
Photos: NX87454.
O Flying (US) 1946 Oct  The Seabee;
by Max Karant 
5 pgs. PIREP. Photos: NC87451.
W Flying (US) 1947 Mar  Cover only.
O Flying (US) 1947 Sep  Cover only.
O Flying (US) 1951 Jun Welcome Traveler;
by Charles W. Roberts 
4 pgs. Seabee pilot Tommy Bartlett rescue 4 people.
Photos: NC6553K.
O Flying (US) 1955 Sep I Learned About Flying From That...;
by Lucius E. Burch, Jr.
2 pgs. Seabee crashing at sea on emergency landing.
O Flying (US) 1959 Mar  The "Bee" and Me;
by Manuel P. Donnelley 
4 pgs.  Article on owning a Seabee; 'I never had a plane I admired or trusted more'.
O Flying (US) 1959 May  Miller Modification Seabee;
by Ted Durosko 
4 pgs. PIREP on the Miller wing extension.
O Flying (US) 1964 Aug  Old Ironsides; by Richard Weeghman 3 pgs.  Was the Seabee still 'an awful lot of airplane for the money' in 1964?
Photos: NC87461, N6483K.
O Flying (US) 1966 Feb The Twin Bee;
by Richard Weeghman
3 pgs. PIREP.
Photos; N87589.
O Flying (US) 1979 Aug Multiengine Land and Sea Bee;
by Thomas H. Block, photos by Randy Steele
7 pgs.  Twin Bee MES rating.  Photos: N9510U.
O Flying (US) 1984 May  I Learned About Flying From That...;
by John Fischer 
C Flying Annual (US) 1965  Seabee;
by Richard B. Weeghman
It's 18 years old abd still going stong...
Photo: NX87451.
C Flynytt (NO) 198? Sjöflytiden 1946 - 1959 - slik Jan E. Enersen husker den;
by Jan E. Enersen
6 pgs. Memories from the golden age of seaplane flying in Norway.
Photo: Seabee LN-PAF.
C Fortune (US) 1946 Feb  New planes for Personal Flying;
9 pgs. Presention of new personal airplanes for 1946, including the Seabee.
O Fortune (US) 1947 Feb  Experiment at Republic;
Photos by Barrett Gallagher
11 pgs. Republic's trouble getting into the commercial aircraft business with the RC-2 Rainbow and the RC-3 Seabee.
C Industrial Aviation (US) 1945 Dec Design Considerations For Inexpensive Aircraft;
by Alfred Marchev
4 pgs. Discussion of simplified aircraft manufacture methods.
Photos: NX41816
W Mechanics Illustrated (US) 1947 Mar  Cover only.
W Mechanix Illustrated (US) 1946 Mar    Photos: NX41816
O Model Airplane News (US) 1946 Jan Seabee - Plane On The Cover Model;
by Marshall S. Green
5 pgs.  Seabee flying model (string controlled).  Plans.
O Model Airplane News (US) 1946 Jan Republic Seabee - Plane On The Cover;
by Seth Babits
4 pgs.  Description of the new Republic Seabee.
Photos: NX41816.
C Nautical Gazette, The (US) 1945 Feb Aero Nautical - Republic's Postwar Baby 2 pgs.  Introduction to the Republic Thunderbolt Amphibian.
C New York Herald Tribune (US) 1945, July 29 Low-Cost Amphibious Airplane To Be Ready for Market Soon 1 pg. Newspaper article. Photo: NX41816 on water.
O Norsk Flyhistorisk Tidsskrift (NO) 1986 3/4 Sörfly A/S 40 år;
by Björn Nordbö
4 pgs.  Story of the Norwegian air taxi operator, which also operated a Seabee-
C Norsk Motor Veteran (NO) 2000 No. 2 1947 Republic Sea Bee
by Reidar Bakke
3 pgs.  Story and photos of LN-IKK and owner Thorleif Diesen.
C Northern Pilot Magazine (US) 2003
Seabee History;
by Don Kyte
5 pgs.  History of Seabee modifications.
Photos: N6432K, N6144K, ++
W Plane & Pilot (US) 1968 Nov  A Fabulous Flight to a Canadian Island;
by Jack Leggatt
O Plane & Pilot (US) 1970 Aug The Spencer Non-Seabee;
by Don Dwiggins
2 pgs.  Introduction of the Spencer S-12D Air Car homebuilt amphibian.
O Plane & Pilot (US) 1971 Feb Dreamboat in the Sky;
by Don Dwiggins
7 pgs.  Presentation of the new Spencer S-12D Air Car homebuilt amphibian.
Photos: N111DA, Spence.
O Plane & Pilot (US) 1973 Oct The Republic Seabee - It's a 'Whale' of an Airplane!;
by Bill Cox
4 pgs. PIREP.
Photos: N87545 (the one blown up in 'Man With The Golden Gun' !)
W Popular Science (US) 1947 Apr  PinUp Photo: NC87548.
O Practical Mechanics (UK) 1947 Jan The Republic "Seabee";
by J. W. R. Taylor
2 pgs.  Details of a small amphibian plane built in the United States.
Photos: NX41816, cut-away drawing RC-3.
W Private Pilot (US) ? Jun  Brown's Seaplane Base at Lake Tahoe;
by Don Kyte 
O Private Pilot (US) 1969 Aug  What's a Little Girl Like You Doing in a Plane Like This?;
by Don Kyte 
4 pgs.  Instruction.  Photos: N6144K.
O Private Pilot (US) 1969 Aug  It's a Super Bee!;
by Don Kyte 
4 pgs.  Cont IO-470P engine conversion. Photos: N6432K, N6144K.
O Private Pilot (US) 1974 Nov Trigull 320 Amphib-An amphibian that out-STOLs landplanes..;
by Don Kyte
7 pga. PIREP
Photos: CF-TRI-X.
O Private Pilot (US) 1977 Nov  Seabees Splash On Forever;
by John Lowery 
Daubenspeck Lycoming conversion.
O Private Pilot (US) 1977 Nov  Rescue of an Ugly Duckling;
by J D Brown 
After 20 years in a barn!
C Private Pilot (US) 1989 Mar  Bee Power - Convert to a Twin Seabee on Order;
by Howard Levy
Description of the UC-1 Twin Bee and Seabee history.
Photos: N87589, NX29098, NX87451.
W Recreational Flyer (US) 2004 May/Jun ? Robinson V8 engine conversions.
O Skyways (US) 1945 Apr Postwar Personal Airplanes - Republic Seabee;
Skyway's Preview of...
1 pg.  Presentation of postwar personal airplanes, including the Republic Seabee.
Photos: NX41816.  Front cover painting of 'NX42816' by artist Ren Wicks.
O Skyways (US) 1945 Sep (1) There's Something New in the Air! (Ad)
(2) This One's for Private Pilots;
by H. T. Rowe
Republic Seabee 4 page advert. Article on Norwegian-American aviation pioneer Thor Solberg.
O Skyways (US) 1946 Mar  Plane of the Month;
by Gene Landman
Photos: NX87451.
O Skyways (US) 1947 Mar  (1) Tractor vs. Pusher;
by Russell E. Patterson
(2) Can I Carry a Boat;
by J. A. Emmett
(1) 2 pgs.
Photos: NC87548. Cover: NC87548 (Rudy Arnold photo).
(2) 3 pgs. article on folding boats for airplanes.
Photos: Seabee (NX8745?).
C Southern Flight (US) 1944 Dec Postwar Amphibian 1 pg.  Thunderbolt Amphibian introduction.
W Southern Flight (US) 1946 Sep Seabee Test Report in Wyoming? 3 pgs.
O Sport Aviation (EAA) (US) 1989 Jan  Seabee;
by Norm Petersen 
Bob Redner's award winning Classic at Oshkosh '88. Photos: N6283K
O Sport Flying (US) 1967 Sep
Vol 1/No 4
The Good Ship Seabee;
by Lauring
4 pgs. US Army YOA-15. Photos: N6429K, N6516k + cut-away drawing.
O Sport Flying (US) 1967 Dec 
Vol 1/No 7
The Spencer Amphibian Air Car;
by editor.
4 pgs. Photos: NX29098, NX41816.
O Sport Flying (US) 1970 Oct
Vol 4/No 9
The 1970 Spencer Amphibian...;
by Bob O'Hara 
7 pgs. Special report. Photos: N111DA + 3-view drawing.
O Sport Flying (US) 1971 Jan
Vol 5/No 1
Five Seabees Outroar Reno's Unlimited at Reunion;
by Donald Kyte 
4 pgs.
Photos:  N6144K, N6621K.
O Sport Flying (US) 1971 Jun
Vol 5/No 3
The Trident - Trident Aircraft Plans Disclosed;
3 pgs. Introduction to the Trident TR-1 Super Amphibian.  Photos of model.
O Sport Flying (US) 1971 Oct 
Vol 5/No 5
Eight Seabees and Crews Make Alaska and Back;
by Don Kyte 
8 pgs. UAL captain Don Kyte describes trip to Alaska via RC-3. Photos: CF-DKW, FRX, GLP, N6144K, N6662K, N6795K.
O Sport Flying (US) 1972 Dec
Vol 6/No ?
22 Years Later;
by Jack Leggatt 
Photos: CF-EJE.
O Sport Flying (US) 1975 Jan
Vol 9/No 1
The Trip I Wish I Hadn't Made;
by Ben L. Brown 
3 pgs. Photos: N6201K.
W Sport Flying (US) 1975 Jun
Vol 9/No ?
The Power, It's In The Rear;
by Wally Kirk 
Photos: CF-EJC.
O Svensk Flyghistorisk Tidskrift (SE) 1999 No. 6 Seabee (Tor's Profiler);
by Sven Stridsberg, drawing by Tor Karlsson
1 pg.  SAHS. Short description and photos of Swedish Seabees.
O Svensk Flyghistorisk Tidskrift (SE) 2000 No. 1 Seabee;
by Sven Stridsberg
1 pg.  SAHS. Short description and photos of Swedish Seabees.
Photos: SE-AXB, SE-AXW, SE-AXH, RC-1.
O Svensk Flyghistorisk Tidskrift (SE) 2003 No. 6 - Cover photo: SE-BXB by Gerhard Gunnarsson.
W Today's Pilot (UK) 2006 Jan Robinson V8 Seabee Photos: CF-ILM
O True (US) 1947 Jan  Plane of The Month;
by Donald Keyhoe 
Photos: NC87457.
O Vi menn (NO) 2012 No. 27 Gøy på vannet
by Håkon Bonafede
4 pgs.  Article and photos of Norway's only Seabee; LN-PLO (s/n 813).
C Vintage Airplane (US) 1985 Nov  Seabee Odyssey;
by Norm Petersen
Don Marburg Vermont to Chile June 1947.
O Vintage Airplane (US) 2002 Feb The Volunteer Seabee - The need to restore often comes from the heart;
by Budd Davisson
Photos:  Jim Kopenick
6 pgs. The story of the restoration of Wally Fisk's Seabee N6467K.
Photos: N6467K.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No: 69
1988 Spring
Good News For The Seabee RC-3  / The Production Years;
by Bernie Funk
1 pg.  News on Republic Aircraft Mfg. Corp.
Photos: N6119K.  Cover: N6119K.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 93
1994 Spring
Bringing Back The Seabee;
by Don Wallace
3 pgs.  Republic Manufacturing Inc. and Aerotech plan to put the Seabee into production again.
Photos: N12CX
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 94
1994 Summer
- Cover photo only.
Photo: N12CX, photo by Paul Byers.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 97
1995 May/Jun
In Memorium: Percival Hopkins Spencer;
by Dale L. "Andy" Anderson
2 pgs.  Obituary on Spence.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 105
1996 Nov/Dec
- Cover photo only.
Photo: N6232K, photo by Bill McCarrel.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 108
1997 Jul/Aug
Two Are More Fun;
by Paul Middlebrook and Jim Poel
2 pgs. A 1947 Republic Seabee and a Cessna 172...make complimentary travel partners.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 122
2000 May/Jun
A Big Texas Tribute to John Cuny;
by Danny Duggan
1 pg.  Tribute to Seabee owner/pilot John Cuny for his excellent work as SPA Field Director for Texas.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 124
2000 Sep/Oct
The Republic Seabee - A Plane for All Occasions;
by Jim Poel, photos: Mike Volk
6 pgs. Seabee description and operations.
Photos: NC6240K + ?.  Cover: N6708K (?).
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 136
2003 Jan/Feb
The UC-1 Twin Bee;
by Hardy F. LeBel
4 pgs.
O Water Flying (SPA) (US) No. 150
2005 Jul/Aug
Old Amphib with New Attitude - A Powerful Update for the Seabee;
by Robert S. Grant
6 pgs. Robinson V8 engine conversion.
Photos: CF-ILM by Blair Robinson.
O Water Flying Annual (SPA) (US) 1978 Vol 2 Super Seabee;
by John Lowery
3 pgs.  The John Greef/Daubenspeck Lycoming conversion.
Photos: N6456K
O Water Flying Annual (SPA) (US) 1978 Vol 2 The Trident Trigull;
by George Westingouse
6 pgs. PIREP on the Trigull amphibian.
Photos: C-GATE-X
O Water Flying Annual (SPA) (US) 1982 Vol 4  Cornering The Market;
by Jack Elliot
3 pgs.  Why does Jim Moore own 22½ percent of the Spencer Air Car fleet?
Photos: Air Car and Spence.
O Water Flying Annual (SPA) (US) 1982 Vol 4  The Republic Seabee;
by Charles E. Bassett 
5 pgs. 'Observations from the left seat of a rugged amphibian'.
Photos: N6138K, ++.
C Wings Magazine (CAN) 1977 Feb The Trident Trigull;
by George Westinghouse
C ? (US) 1962 Mar Love Affair With a Swoose;
by Robert Blodget
5 pgs. Seabee history.


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