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Photo: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives


Manufacturer: SIAI-Marchetti; Sesto Calende (Lago Maggiore), Italy.
Model: FN-333 Riviera (FAA Code # 6080102)
Type Certificate No: A-91 (RAI 1958-12-09)
7A5 (FAA 1958-12-15 )
Serial Number: 0107
Manufacturing Date: 1965-??-??
Engine: Continental IO-470-P six-cylinder, 250 hp at 2600 RPM.
Remarks: Mode S codes: 53121415 / ACA30D
Reg. No. Date Remarks
I-???? 1965-10-25 weight and balance data report RAI approved.
1965-10-25 CdN/E.7022/E issued, no marks for export to USA.
1965-11-05 Declaration issued that FN-333 S/N 0107 was never on the Italian Register.
1965-11-11 Bill of Sale issued; SIAI Marchetti to North Star Airparks Inc.
N913NS 1965-12-15 Airworthiness date.
1965-12-15 TTAE 12:36 hrs (engine).
1966-02-01 C of R issued to:
North Star Airparks Inc.; 304 Henry Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
1965-12-07 Bill of sale issued; North Star Airparks to Riviera Aircraft.
1965-12-17 Registration application by Riviera Aircraft Inc.
1966-02-01 C of R issued to:
Riviera Aircraft Inc.; 3499 Lakewood Boulevard, Long Beach, California.
Richard E. White, President.

Van Nuys Air Show.


Dated (?); this company's sole aircraft Riviera FN-333, N913NS, was totaled out at La Verne, CA. Company has disbanded. Aircraft has been sold to Richard E. White, 7830 Willow Glen Road, Los Angeles, CA.


Engine stopped after running out of fuel. The pilot made an intentional wheels-up forced landing off the airfield near Pomona, California at 1720 hrs, while on final approach to Brackett Field. The pilot received serious injuries, one passenger was minor/none injured. Aircraft damage reported as substantial. Pilot, private, age 43, 750 total hours, 175 in type. [NTSB # LAX69F0159; File No. 3-3732].

1969-02-11 Cancelled from FAA Registry.
????-??-?? Bill of Sale issued; Riviera Aircraft to Wilkerson.
1969-06-22 C of R issued to:
Owen T. Wilkerson; 5812 Gipsy Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada.
1975-02-26 Reinstate (restored).
1975-05-12 C of R issued to:
O. T. Wilkerson; 5812 Gipsy Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada.
1974-10-01 Bill of Sale issued; Wilkerson to Robertson.
1975-02-04 Registration application by Robert L. Robertson.
1975-05-12 C of R issued to:
Robert L. Robertson, 9605 Jody Avenue, Whittier, California.
1978-06-17 Bill of Sale issued; Robertson to Kingry.
1978-06-17 Registration application by Larry A. Kingry.
1978-07-15 C of R issued to:
Larry A. Kingry; 2221 SW 1? Ave, Suite 1821, Portland, Oregon.
1979-04-04 Bill of Sale issued; Kingry to Trans - Exec.
1979-04-09 Registration application by Trans - Exec Inc.
1979-04-24 C of R issued to:
Trans - Exec Inc.; 161 Galen Street, Watertown, Maine.
1979-05-01 Pilot dug a wing tip float in the water while landing at Hot Springs, Arkansas, after a local flight. Aircraft sank. Pilot minor/none injured. Pilot, private, age 34, 1006 total hours, 35 in type. [NTSB # FTW79FPG31; File No. 3-0761].
1983-09-15 Bill of Sale issued; Trans - Exec to Prince.
1984-01-13 Registration application by Gifford L. Prince.
1984-04-03 C of R issued to:
Gifford L. Prince; 541 Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs, Arkansas.
1986-08-02 Bill of Sale issued; Prince to Cox.
1986-??-?? Leonard Cox; Victoria, Canada. [021086 LAD]
????-??-?? Sale reported; 302-1120 Yates St, Victoria, BC, Canada. *790*160900
2002-06-19 C of R issued to:
Leonard Cox; 302-1120 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, Canada. 

Sold to Leonard Cox; see C-GKMD [for spare parts ?]; status: Valid

2002-05-24 Registration application by Fulwiler Air.
(2002-05-29) Bill of Sale issued; Cox to Fulwiler Air.
2002-05-30 Fulwiler Air Inc. / Leonard Cox.
2002-06-19 C of R issued to:
Fulwiler Air Inc.; 1931 Airport Drive, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313-5537.
Owner Daniel Fulwiler.

Aircraft in storage needing some repair.

2017-10-31 Expiration date.
  Sources: Hendrik van der Veen.
FAA Registry.


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