Republic Seabees in Japan

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Republic RC-3 Seabee JA3010 (s/n 723)
Photo: via Ian D. Johnson

In 1952 a Republic Seabee amphibian (s/n 723) was imported to Japan from Sweden by Chubu Nihon Shimbun.  The Seabee (ex CS-AHB/SE-BXD) got the Japanese registration number JA3010 and was christened as "Hiryu" (Flying Dragon) by the owners.

On a flight in late February 1953, JA3010 developed engine trouble and crashed at a makeshift airfield in Nagoya.  The Seabee was heavily damaged.  No more details is known about the fate of this Seabee,

Many thanks to Mr. Ian D. Johnson for providing this information and the photo of JA3010. 


S Reg. Mk: S/N: Date: Remarks:
E JA3010 723 1952-??-?? Ex CS-AHB, SE-BXD.
Imported to Japan by Chubu Nihon Shimbun.
1953-02-?? Crashed at airfield in Nagoya, after getting engine trouble.
  Crashed (C) / Scrapped/Destroyed (D)
  Confirmed flying (F)
  Unknown (U)/ Restoration (R) / Stored (S) / Exported (E)

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