Republic Seabees in Italy

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Seabee over Lake Como!

Republic Seabee amphibian landing at Como, Italy
Photo: Aero Club Como, Italy

Two Seabees were imported to Italy in 1947.  These two Seabees were originally imported to Europe by the UK Seabee distributor W. A. Rollason, but were sold on to Italy without taking up any UK registration marks.  The two Seabees, I-AIAG and I-AIAH, were operated by the company AIAX for commercial utility flights from Milan - Linate Airport.  The fate of these two Seabees are unknown.

In the early 1950ies a third Seabee was imported to Italy from Switzerland by Aero Club di Como.  Seaplanes have operated from 'Lago di Como' since 1913, and the famous Aero Club di Como was founded in 1930.  The Seabee I-SIBI was used for pleasure and sightseeing flights from Lago di Como, one of the most popular and beautiful resorts in Italy.

One of the Italian Seabees, I-SIBI, is reported to be stored in Trento, on behalf of 'Museo Aeronautico Caproni di Taledo', Milano,  Italy.


I-SIBI at Vizzola, Caproni Museum
Photo: Steinar Saevdal Collection

Thank you Mr. Cesare Baj, Mr. Franco Zanaboni and Mr. Giorgio Danilo Cocconcelli for your kind help!  Please visit Aero Club Como web site at;  

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I-SIBI (Aero Club di Como)

I-SIBI at Aero Club di Como, Italy.
Photo: Aero Club Como, Italy.


Photo:  via Giorgio Danilo Cocconcelli
S   Reg. No: S/N: Date: Remarks:
U I-AIAG I-AIAG 642 1947-06-13 AIAX - Compagnia Aero Espressi Italiani.
1953-06-16 Aero Club "Ferdinando Succi" di Rimini, Italy.
U I-AIAH 643 1947-06-13 AIAX - Compagnia Aero Espressi Italiani.
S I-SIBI 331 1951-08-?? Ex HB-SEA.  Aero Club "Giuseppe Ghislanzoni" di Como.

Stored in Trento for 'Museo Aeronautico Caproni di Taledo', Milano, Italy.

  Crashed (C) / Scrapped/Destroyed (D)
  Confirmed flying (F)
  Unknown (U)/ Restoration (R) / Stored (S) / Exported (E).

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