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N565CB (ex N6669K)

Kent Ewing, retired US Navy Captain, Aviator, former Commanding Officer of USS America (CV 66), has nice memories of his father's Seabee N6669K from when he was a kid.  After some research, it was found that N6669K currently is owned by Mr. Henry Ruzakowski in Florida.



The Ewing's Seabee
N6669K (s/n 946)
Photo: Kent Ewing

"Our Seabee [N6669K s/n 946] was found by my Dad in a barn in Indiana where it sat for a few years after being landed gear down against the furrows in a farm field with an oil leak in the prop hub (I remember him saying that all the prop hubs leaked and to land that hull with the gear down was stupid in a field!!)  Anyway, the wings were in the garage, the fuselage in our backyard while he rebuilt the original Franklin and Hartzell propeller, the interior, the panel, and repaired the broken down lock mechanism.


N6669K (s/n 946)
South Dayton Airport, Ohio
29 June 1957
Photo: Kent Ewing


We towed it out to South Dayton Airport, assembled it and flew it on June 29, 1957.  I was with him for his first water landing on the Ohio River a few days later and we made a wonderful fishing trip to Canada where I remember fishing out the bow door, bumbing a log in a lake once, and him learning a lot from some young Canadian kid who flew a Bee with no landing gear on it!!

Appologize for the black and white and poor photography, but what do you want from a 12 year old with a Brownie!!??   The picture of my Dad next to the Bee was in the Dayton Daily News when we ran up the engine in the backyard and got a lot of neighbors attention!!   We had a converted school bus RV (way before Winnebagos) so we put the wings inside the bus, put the tailwheel in the back door and towed the Bee about 8 miles to the airport.  Assembled it there and flew it from there.   I was aboard when Dad made his first water landing on the Ohio River about two weeks later--all I remember is him saying over and over again "well we should be touching down pretty soon".

I remember his favorite saying:  'She climbs, cruises, and dives at 80 Knots.' 

I am a retired USN aviator with over 1100 carrier landings and former CO of USS America.  I just got my seaplane license in Minnesota and am still riding high.  It would be really great to fly my Bonanza down to see the old girl in Florida if Henry still has it.


The Ewing's Beech Bonanza
Photo: Kent Ewing

Dad was career USAF officer, flew 50 missions in B17's in Italy WWII, retired as the Senior Project Officer on the C141 Starlifter in 1968.  We always had some kind of an airplane while he was alive.  The last pic is his 1953 Bonanza which he had from 1959 to 1963."

Kent Ewing, May 2003

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