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Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation, Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 859
Manufacturing Date: 1947-06-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM)
Reg. No. Date Remarks
CF-FSE 1947-06-?? Manufacturing Date.
1947-06-?? Test flight.
1947-06-16 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Curtiss-Reid Flying Services, Ltd.; Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
1947-06-?? C of R issued to:
Curtiss-Reid Flying Services, Ltd.; Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
????-??-?? C of R issued to:
Atlas Aviation Limited;
1948-05-20 Papinachois, Province du Québec; Pilot G. R. Ayres (Operator: Atlas Aviation Limited) attempted take off from an airstrip with two passengers on board.  Upon reaching end of strip, a/c was not fully airborne and port wing tip float struck a fence post.  This slowed a/c still further and it struck a bank at the side of the road, shearing off the undercarriage.  It the skidded about another 200 feet on the hull.  Damage: Substantial.  Injuries: Nil. [Files: 5008-F19-5 / 5802-12113].
????-??-?? Cancelled from Canadian CAR.
  Sources: RAC Seabee Delivery List.
National Archives of Canada. 

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