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Photo: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation 1972

Aircraft Data

Manufacturer: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation; P O Box 147, Elmira, NY 14902, USA.
Model: TSC-1A1 Teal (FAA Code: 8051992).
Type Certificate No: A15EA
Serial Number: 20
Manufacturing Date: 1972-06-21

Avco Lycoming O-320-A3B 150 hp @ 2700 RPM. (FAA Code: 41508).
Propeller: Hartzell HC-C2YL-1BF/F7663A-4.

Remarks: Mode S Codes: 50315733 / A19BDB (N2020T)
Reg. No. Date Remarks
N2020T   1972-??-?? Manufacturing date.  Reserved registration number at factory.
No date C of R issued to:
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation; PO Box 147, Elmira, NY 14902.
Demonstration aircraft.
1972-06-20 First flight from Elmira, New York.
1972-06-21 Statement if Conformity, FAA Form 317, issued:
Make: Schweizer
Model: TSC-1A1
Serial No: 20
Registration No: N-2020T
Complied with Section 21.33(a).
Produced under type certificate only (FAR 21 Subpart F).
Flight checked: 1972-06-20.
Signed: Cyral R. Lancaster; Chief Inspector.
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.
1972-06-21 Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6.
Signed by Paul A. Schweizer; Vice President.
TCDS # A15EA Revision 4.
Total airframe hours: N/A.
Approved by John D. Lucius; FAA Inspector, EA-EMDO 1-0-44.
1972-07-11 Standard Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8100-2, issued.
Signed: John D. Lucius, FAA Representative, EA-EMDO 1-0-44.
1972-08-29 Crashed at Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen,  New York, when pilot attempted to take off from rough water.  According to NTSB swells were 18 in, up to 3 ft high.  During take off the airplane hit a swell, was thrown into the air below flying speed and nosed into the water again, and flipped over on it's back.  Pilot escaped with minor injuries. Passenger sustained serious injuries.
1985-05-28 Letter from Schweizer Aircraft Corporation to DoT; FAA, Aircraft Registry; 

Subject: "Clarification of Ownership, Registration Numbers N-2020T 
and N-2023T".


We understand your data file currently lists Schweizer Aircraft Corporation as the registered owner of aircraft assigned to the 
above referenced registration numbers,

Be advised that we have not been the owner of record for the respective aircraft since 1973 for the following reasons.

  1. Schweizer Model TSC-1A1, Ser. No. 20, Reg. No. N-2020T,
    - aircraft sunk due to accident and was not recovered. 
  2. Schweizer Model TSC-1A1, Ser. No. 23, Reg. No. N-2023T,
    - aircraft registered under laws of foreign country,
    reference Export File No. E108124.

Ownership transferred on or about March 16, 1973 to:

Marinair Transport Ltd.
Biggin Hill Aerodrome
Westerham, Kent, England.

We trust that this information will serve to bring your files up to date.

Signed by Leslie E. Schweizer; Vice President,
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.


1985-07-08 Deregistration of United States Civil Aircraft, FAA AC Form 8050-17:
The above registration is to be canceled for the reason checked below:
[x] Totally destroyed or scrapped.
Cancelled from FAA Aircraft Registry as "DESTROYED". 
????-??-?? Recovered from Seneca Lake.
  Sources: FAA Aircraft Registry

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