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Rare photo from a 1972 amateur 8 mm film!
Photo: via Shawn Kelly

Aircraft Data

Manufacturer: Thurston Aircraft Corporation; Box 450, Sanford, Maine 04073, USA.
Model: TSC-1A1 Teal (FAA Code: 8960405)
Type Certificate No: A15EA
Serial Number: 18
Manufacturing Date: 1971-??-??

Avco Lycoming O-320-A3B 150 hp @ 2700 RPM

Modifications: Mode S codes: 50314474 / A1993C (N2018T)

Canadian National Archives: 
Reel # T-7246, image 2037 thru 2081.
Reel # T-8447, image 2741 thru 2949.

Reg. No. Date Remarks
N2018T   1971-??-?? Manufacturing date.  Reserved registration number at factory.
1971-??-?? First flight from Sanford Airport, Sanford, Maine.
1971-??-?? Accident or damaged before delivery to Schweizer Aircraft Corporation?
1971-12-03 Aircraft Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation; PO Box 147, Elmira, NY 14902.
Seller: Thurston Aircraft Corporation; David B. Thurston, President.
1972-05-05 Aircraft Registration Application:
Applicant: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation; PO Box 147, Elmira, NY 14902.
Paul A. Schweizer; Vice President.
1972-05-08 Major Repair and Alteration, FAA Form 337:
Make: Thurston, Model: TSC-1A1, Serial No: 18, 
Nationality and Registration Mark: N-2018T
Owner: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation, Elmira, New York, USA; N2018T.  Received at Agency: Lyman A. Cokely; A&P 1346031; Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.

Since this aircraft was received at Schweizer Aircraft Corporation in a complete disassembled state less engine, propeller, and instrument panel, it was rebuilt and/or repaired as follows under Work Order No. 75-26.
13. Aircraft test flown in compliance with requirements of FAR 91.167 and Flight characteristics found to be normal. Aircraft total time to date 76:00 hours.

Possibly rebuilt with new fuselage, as fuselage #18 might have been used on #8, G-AXZN?

1972-05-08 Airworthiness Date. (Standard Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8100-2, issued).
1972-06-12 C of R issued to:
Schweizer Aircraft Corporation; PO Box 147, Elmira, NY 14902.
1972-08-04 Letter from Schweizer Aircraft Corporation to FAA Aircraft Registry:

SUBJECT: Foreign Sale of Thurston, TSC-1A1, Serial No. 18, Registration No. N-2018T


In compliance with FAR 21.335(e) we submit the following information:

  1. The aircraft has been sold this date and the title has passed to Freeman C. Reid, RR #2, Sherbrooke, N. S., Canada.
  2. Certificate of Airworthiness (FAA Form 8100-2) dated May 8, 1972 is herewith returned.

     In compliance with FAR 45.33, it is hereby certified that United States identification and registration numbers, N-2018T, have been removed from the aircraft.

     In compliance with FAR's 47.41 and 47.47 the Certificate of Registration (FAA Form 8050-3), dated June 12, 1972, is herewith returned for cancellation with the reverse side properly executed as required.

     Under provisions of FAR 47.47(b), it is requested that notice be forwarded, by Air Mail, to Regional Director, Atlantic Air Services Region, Department of Transport, P. O. Box 42, 1081 Main Street, Moncton, N. B., Canada, that U. S. Registration has been cancelled.

Very truly yours,
Paul A. Schweizer
Vice President

1972-08-04 C of R, FAA AC Form 8050-3, reverse side returned:
[x] The aircraft is registered under the laws of a foreign country: Canada
Signed: Paul A. Schweizer; Vice President (1972-08-04).
1972-08-14 Aircraft Accident Notice, FAA AC Form 8050-17:
The above Registration Number is to be canceled for the reason checked below:
[x] Exported to: Canada
Cancelled from FAA Aircraft Registry.
CF-BJO 1972-07-31 C of R issued to:
Stanley Reid Construction Ltd; RR #2, Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Freeman R. Reid.
1972-07-31 Authority to ferry Elmira, New York, USA, to Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1972-08-04 Application for Registration:
Applicant: Stanley Reid Construction Ltd; Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1972-08-08 US C of A for Export # E.100995 issued.
1973-02-04 C of R cancelled by Stanley Reid Construction Ltd.
1973-02-07 C of R issued to:
Joseph Reed, Peterborough Aero Marine; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
1973-09-13 Authority to Grand Bay Development to ferry from Elmira, New York, USA, to St. John, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1973-09-21 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Maritime Rotorcraft Sales; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.
Seller: Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.
1973-09-25  Inspected.  TT 167:50.
1973-09-25 Bill of Sale:
Purchaser: Grand Bay Development.
Seller: Maritime Rotorcraft Sales.
1973-09-25 C of A issued, valid till 1974-09-25.
1973-10-18 C of R (P) issued to:
Grand Bay Development; Grand Bay (based St. John, New Brunswick).
President: A Wayne Kerrigan.
1974-08-02 C of R re-issued as C-FBJO.
1974-09-08 Inspected.  C of A renewed, valid till 1975-09-25.  TT 278:40.  Based in St. John.
1974 (late) Accident.  Not tied down outside Air-Craftsmen hangar and overturned in a windstorm.  Kerrigan sued Air-Craftsmen but lost and was ordered to pay for the bill.
1974-12-27 Bill of Sale: Grand Bay Development to Williams.
1975-02-12 Seized by sheriff for settlement of court order.
1975-02-18 C of R (P) issued to:
B. Ann Williams; Grand Bay (based Westfield), New Brunswick, Canada.
1975-09-08 Inspected.  C of A renewed, valid till 1976-09-25.  TT 371:10.  Based in St. John.
1976-04-22 C of R (P) issued to:
B. Ann Kerrigan; St. John, New Brunswick.  (Name & address change).

Authority to ferry St. John, NB to Fredericton, NB, for repairs.

1976-09-24 Inspected.  C of A renewed, valid till 1977-09-25. TT 412:30.  Based in St. John.
1976-10-17 Accident at 12:45.  Pilot Wayne Kerrigan.  Westfield Ferry area - Capel Lake, New Brunswick. Westfield Ferry, NB.  During take off the aircraft hit an obstruction and holed the hull.  [Report A60035].
1977-07-28 Authority to ferry Westfield, NB to Moncton, NB.
1978-??-?? Accident. Reported to have been blown over.  Fuselage has a broken back.  Engine mount severely damaged.  Major wrinkles in both wings.  (Prior to 1978-06-29)
1978-06-?? To be repaired by Miramichi Air Service Ltd.
1980-09-?? Sold to Malcolm O. Peck; Waldoboro, Maine, USA.
1981-05-28 Cancelled from Canadian CAR.
    Parts from s/n 18 were used on other Teals.  Fuselage from s/n 18 reportedly was used on s/n 8 N2008T (G-AXZN), after s/n 8 had been damaged in the USA?  Other parts from s/n 18 were also used by Mr. Malcolm Peck; Peck Auto repair, Waldoboro, Maine, USA, for restoration of s/n 25.

Thank you very much, Terry Judge, for sending all information available on CF-BJO!!!

  Sources: Terry Judge

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