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N2909T / CF-XOF Teal photo wanted!

Photo: WANTED!

Aircraft Data

Manufacturer: Thurston Aircraft Corporation; Box 450, Sanford, Maine 04073, USA.
Model: (1) TSC-1A Teal (FAA Code: 8960404)
(2) TSC-1A1 Teal (FAA Code: 8960405)
Type Certificate No: A15EA
Serial Number: 9
Manufacturing Date: 1970-??-??

Avco Lycoming O-320-A3B 150 hp @ 2700 RPM

Remarks: Converted from Model TSC-1A to Model TSC-1A1 with the installation of wing fuel tanks.
Reg. No. Date Remarks
N2009T 1970-??-?? Manufacturing date, built at Sanford Airport, Maine.
Reserved registration number at factory.
1970-??-?? FAA C of A issued.
1970-??-?? First flight from Sanford Airport, Sanford, Maine.
1970-08-17 Telefax from Thurston Aircraft Corporation (T. J. Greenier, VP) to FAA Registration Branch AC-250 informing that TSC-1A Serial No. 9 had been sold to "MARITIME ROTORCAFT", Canada.  CF-XOF assigned by DoT Canada.
1970-08-18 Aircraft Accident Notice, FAA AC Form 8050-17:
The above Registration Number (N2009T) is to be canceled for the reason checked below: 
[x] Exported to: Canada.

Cancelled from FAA Registry.

1970-08-19 FAA AC Form 8050-25 issued to Canadian DoT to confirm 
[x] Our records show no unreleased security conveyance(s) recorded on this aircraft.
1970-03-24 Allotment of registration in Canadian Civil Aircraft Register.
1970-08-?? Dr. Carl Trask; Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
1979-07-15 Dr. Trask had been flying most of the day and on attempting to land caught a wingtip in the water and the aircraft landed hard, knocking both him and the passenger unconscious. The aircraft sank and both occupants drowned.  The accident happened in a cove in front of Trask's home on the Saint John River at Oak Point New Brunswick.  Carl was 44 years old and a General Practitioner with an office in Saint John, New Brunswick.
????-??-?? Wreck or parts from the wreck was sold to Peter Stanton; Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
1980-08-26 Cancelled from Canadian CAR.
  Sources: Canadian Civil Aircraft Register.
FAA Registry File N2009T.
Jim Tyerman.
Mark Trask.

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