Republic Seabee News 2022

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Republic Seabee News 2022

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Seabee Parts & Simuflight

From Don Dewey 27 October 2022:

Dear SeaBee Community:

Simuflight was aquired by Splash Aero LLC in late Aug of 2022 and all the assets of Simuflight were moved to Jasper GA.  The existing parts and STCs are available, but it will take some time to re-establish full production.  Eric Broadwell and Don Dewey are owners of Splash Aero LLC.  Eric is an aerospace engineer with over 40 years of experience and Don is an IA with over 40 years of experience.  The shop is located adjacent to the Pickens County Airport (KJZP) in Jasper GA.

Funding is being sought to construct a large enough hangar to facilitate maintenance and modifications of SeaBees of all versions.  One version, the TwinBee and its type certificate is held by Don.  Eric lives at 5GA4 (Woodstock, GA) and there is hangar space there, but it is a short field (2000 ft with obstacles). Contact us and letís discuss your needs and we will work to make it happen.

We have some parts like a set of wings with 18Ē extensions, struts, ailerons, flaps and doors all mostly used in great shape but a few new as well.  If we donít have it in stock we can make it, but please be patient as we establish our new location.

We look forward to serving you in the future.

Eric B Broadwell
Splash Aero LLC
547 Upper Salem Church Rd
Jasper, GA 30143

678-520-7337 Eric
678-230-7953 Don



Photo: Chase Reimer


Seabee Restoration Project in Canada

E-mail from Chase Reimer, Canada, July 13, 2022:

So we received the fuselage on July 9th, 2022 and it is now in ownership under my name Chase Reimer, and the address 24 Wendell Avenue, Stittsville, Ontario. We obtained the fuselage from the owner of the former Memorial Military Museum and unfortunately he was not sure of the specific history of the aircraft. Now after fully cleaning out the fuselage I finally got a chance today to take a look at the original certification stamp. After looking at it for a few seconds I noticed that the serial number said 147 instead of 747 and that really intrigued me. I first went on your website and looked up s/n 147 only to realize that there was little to no information on that aircraft and that it had been supposedly written-off in a crash. I decided to go on the Government of Canada Historical Archives Website and looked up CF-FOY to start, which was the registration associated with the aircraft that would have had the s/n 747 and it says that the aircraft was destroyed in a crash in 1959 that occurred near Montreal Lake in Saskatchewan. I then looked up CF-DLN in the archives which is the aircraft that carried the s/n 147 as listed on the plate on our Seabee. The archives had little to no information on this registration but it turns out that the aircraft disappeared off of the Canadian Aircraft Registry on October 14, 1963 after the aircraft had some sort of accident near Lake Simcoe, Ontario. It seems as if somewhere along the years the two aircraft have been confused for one another as the 147 on the plate can be easily confused for the numbers 747 but I can officially say that this aircraft and all of the recent information regarding CF-FOY s/n 747 is actually for CF-DLN s/n 147.

I hope this helps and I will also send many photos in the next coming days.


Follow this project at their website:



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