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I-SIAE (Photo: Scott Henderson)

Photo: © courtesy Scott Henderson


Manufacturer: SIAI-Marchetti; Sesto Calende (Lago Maggiore), Italy.
Model: FN-333 Riviera
Type Certificate No: A-91 (RAI 1958-12-09)
7A5 (FAA 1958-12-15 )
Serial Number: 005
Manufacturing Date: 1963
Engine: Continental IO-470-P six-cylinder, 250 hp at 2600 RPM.
Remarks: Non-standard paint scheme.  Destroyed.
Reg. No. Date Remarks
I-SIAE 1963-??-?? Manufacturing date.
1963-??-?? First flight.
1963-06-05 CdN # 6677 issued to SIAI Marchetti; Sesto Calende, Vergiate, Italy.
1963-06-05 Le Bourget Exhibition; France.
1964-07-18 Vergiate; Italy.  TT: 100 hrs.
1965-05-29 Vergiate; Italy.  TT: 126 hrs.
1965-06-?? Imported by Ocean Products AS, Norway, to be used by the new seaplane operator Westwing AS that was under establishment i Bergen. The would operate their seaplanes out of Sandviken SPB, while land planes would be based at Bergen Airport - Flesland.
1965-07-?? Aircraft arrived Sandviken SPB, Bergen Harbour, Norway, for overnight stay.
1965-07-05 Aircraft overturned at moorings in Sandviken SPB by heavy winds.  Salvaged and brought ashore.  Engine removed.
1965-07-21 Airlifted by Agusta Bell 204B helicopter (Helicopter Service AS) from Bergen harbor to be transported to Flesland airport. Early in the airlift, the aircraft started to rotate and swing heavily. The helicopter pilot decided to drop her into the sea in Byfjorden near Gravdal, Askøy. The Riviera broke up and sank when the ferry boat between Kleppestø and Bergen tried to salvage her. The Riviera still had the Italian registration I-SIAE painted on.  The Riviera was never recovered and should still be lying at the bottom of Byfjorden...
1965-??-?? Cancelled from RAI.
(LN-HHD) 1965-??-?? Norwegian C of A # 735 and Cof R # 706 reserved for Ocean Products AS; Bergen, Norway.  Certificates were never issued due to the accident.  Registration LN-HHD was never applied to aircraft.
  Sources: FAA Aircraft Registry
Hendrik van der Veen
Kay Hagby
Yngve Smørdal
Aftenposten 22 July 1965

I-SIAE (Photo: via Yngve Smørdal)

Being hoisted from sea i Bergen.
06 July 1965
Photo: © courtesy Yngve Smørdal

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