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Manufacturer: Republic Aviation Corporation; Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, USA.
Model: RC-3 Seabee
Type Certificate No: A-769
Serial Number: 494
Manufacturing Date: 1947-03-??
Engine: Franklin 6A8-215-B9F (215 HP at 2500 RPM) S/N 23511

Mode S codes: 52033172 / A8367A

Reg. No. Date Remarks
NC6281K 1947-02-?? Manufacturing Date.
1947-03-05 Weight and Balance Data: Weight Empty: 2187.0 lbs.
1947-03-?? Test flight.
1947-03-12 Bill of Sale, Form ACA-500 Part C:
Purchaser: Scranton Airways; Scranton Municipal Airport, Clark's Summit, Pa.
Seller: Republic Aviation Corporation; M. G. Veckman, Assistant Treasurer.
1947-03-12 Bill of Sale, Form ACA-500 Part C:
Purchaser: K. Russell Smith d/b/a Smith Flying Service; Wilkesbarre-Wyoming Valley Airport, Forty Fort, Penna.
Seller: Harold O. Swank; Proprietor - Scranton Airways.
1947-03-13 Statement of Conformity, Form ACA 317, issued by Republic Aviation Corporation ... 494 has been manufactured in conformity with the data forming the basis for Type Certificate No. A-769-1 Tentative...
[Signed W. I. Stieglitz, Design Engineer, Commercial Req'ts].
1947-03-14 Bill of Sale, Form ACA-500 Part C:
Purchaser: Clifton Carr; RD #3, Wyoming, Pa.
Seller: K. Russell Smith, owner.
1947-03-15 Application for Airworthiness Certificate, Form ACA-305:
Owner's name: Scranton Airways; Scranton Municipal Airport, Clark's Summit, Pa.
Engine 6A8-215-B8F, s/n 23511, Prop 2388, Blades 55738-1 - 55611-1.
1947-03-15 Certificate of Airworthiness, Form ACA-309, issued.
1947-03-17 Officially delivered from Republic Aviation Corporation to Scranton Airways; Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, USA.
(1947-??-??) Application for Registration, Form ACA-500 Part B:
Applicant: Clifton Carr; RFD #3, Wyoming, Penna.
1947-03-27 Registration Certificate, Form ACA-400 Part A, issued to:
Clifton Carr; RFD #3, Wyoming, Penna.
1947-05-21 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Aircraft crashed at Riverside Drive and Old River Road.   The pilot made at take off from Susquehanna River and hit a downdraft.  The aircraft struck an electric wire in a nosedive and lost its right wing. Pilot Daniel Berrettini (37), and passenger Isaac Coursen (48) escaped with serious injuries.  The aircraft was based at Wyoming Valley Airport, Forty Fort, owned by Clifton Carr.
1951-05-08 Letter from Civil Aeronautics Administration to Clifton Carr, requesting verification of registration.

[x] Aircraft scrapped or disassembled for parts. Cancellation is hereby requested.
Signed (undated) by Clifton Carr.

1951-10-01 Aircraft Status Change, Form ACA 195;
Registered owner: Clifton Carr.
Cancelled for reason checked below:
[x] 8. At owner's request.

Cancelled from CAA Aircraft Register.

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Pottstown Mercury Newspaper
Pottstownm PA
Thursday Morning, May 22, 1947
Courtesy of Matt Miller

The Lock Haven Express
Lock Haven, PA
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Courtesy of Matt Miller

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