RC-1 Thunderbolt Amphibian Specifications

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Republic RC-1 Seabee Prototype (NX41816)

Only a single RC-1 amphibian concept protoype was built, registered NX41816. The RC-1 was of conventional construction.   Initially the amphibian was named Thunderbolt Amphibian, to take marketing advantages of the reputation of Republic's P-47 Thunderbolt fighter - one of the most successful fighters of WW2.  However, early in the project the name was changed to Seabee.


Early 3-view drawing of
Republic RC-1 Thunderbolt Amphibian
(Not to scale)



Type - Three-seat amphibian flying boat.

Wings - High-wing cantilever monoplane.  Wings taper in chord and thickness with dihedral on lower surface only.  Attached directly to the top of the hull superstructure.  All-metal stressed-skin construction.  Ailerons and vacuum-operated slotted flaps have metal frames and fabric covering.

Hull - Basic structure is a shallow two-step boat hull with the cabin structure built up forward and the rear portion swept up to carry the tail-unit.  All-metal structure covered with Alclad.  All-metal stabilizing floats attached to wings by single fabricated streamline tubular struts.

Tail Unit - Cantilever monoplane type.  Lower fin integral with the hull.  Upper fin and tailplane of all-metal stressed skin construction.  Elevators and rudder have metal frames and fabric covering.

Landing Gear - Retractable type.  Main struts hinged to chines of hull.  Struts and wheels are raised electrically into recesses in sides of hull superstructure.  Tail-wheel at rear step.  Water-rudder aft of tail wheel.

Power Plant - One 175 hp Franklin 6ALG-315 six-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engien driving a two-blade fixed pitch wood propeller aft of the wings and cabin.  Fuel tanks in wing.

Accommodation - Enclosed cabin seating three; two side-by-side in front and one behind.  Centrally-mounted wheel may be swung in front of either seat.  Dual rudder pedals.  Two side doors give access to front seats.  Back of right-hand front seat folds forward to give access to rear seat.  Door on stareboard side of nose for mooring, etc.


Span 36 ft (11 m)
Length 26 ft 6 in (8 m)
Height (on wheels) 8 ft 7 in (2.62 m)
Wing area 170 sq ft (15.8 m2)

Weights and Loadings

Weight empty 1 775 lbs (805 kg)
Disposable load 825 lbs (375 kg)
Weight loaded 2 600 lbs ( 1 180 kg)
Wing loading 15.2 lbs/sq ft (74.2 kg/m2)
Power loading 14.9 lbs/hp (6.7 kg/hp)


Maximum speed 125 mph (200 km/h)
Cruising speed 105 mph (168 km/h)
Landing speed (w/flaps) 53 mph (85 km/h)
Initial rate of climb 750 ft/min (230 m/min)
Service ceiling 12 000 ft (3 660 m)
Cruising range 420 mi (672 km)
[From Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1945/46]

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